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Rosetta Stone
Chief god
a large waterfall
Egyption writing system
life after death
first phoaroah of egypt
Egypt's primary writing script.
a family of rulers
Used to create paper
a ruler of ancient gods
Nubia later became known as...
ruled in the 2500s bc
Necropolises (cemeteries) where the dead could live eternally.
Kush flourishes
3rd stage of Kush
Who was Ra?
The sun god.
Thutmose III
attacked Nubia and Mesopotamia. Slavery of conquered peoples became common. The empire grew rich from tribute and trade.
What did Ra create?
life and order
Egypt's first pharaoh who unified Upper and Lower Egypt
people from rich and powerful families
stone coffin in which ancient Egyptians placed the mummified body.
valley of the Kings
pharaoh burial place
step pyramid
earliest type of ancient Egyptian building used as a tomb
detectives who face the challenge of finding clues from the past. from the clues, they discover the history of people.
a dead body preserved in lifelike condition
Queen Hatshepsut
A queen that increased Egyptian trade
red crown- deshret
the crown of lower egypt
trade routes
Waterways, paths, and trails that traders used to move goods for exchange from one place to another.
Meaning of pharaoh
A god in human-like form
a triangular-shaped area at the mouth of some rivers
A carved inscription of a pharaoh's name. The inscription is contained in an oval symbolizing an official scroll
Nile River
major world river running south-north in Eastern Africa
The egypian crocodile god. Most sacred animal.
a tall printed four-sided pillar in Ancient Egypt
Narmer Palette
a tablet illustrating the unification of Egypt
>found in Hierakonpolis, suggesting Hierakonpolis capital from where Namer/Menes unified Egypt
An oval shaped symbol found in hierogliphics with the pharaoh's name inside
early ruler of Egypt who rejected the old gods and replaced them with sun worship (died in 1358 BC)
What is wealth sent from one country or ruler to another as a sign that the other is superior?
the quality of profuse abundance or a large quantity
Sun god who ruled over the other Egyptian gods
The capital of Upper Egypt after the people there revolted in 2,000BC
someone who rules for a child until the child is old enough to rule
abu simbel
two massive temples built by rameses II into two mountain sides
First Intermediate Period
significant turbulence caused by a succession of low Niles, which led to Collapse of the Old Kingdom due to the lack of a strong centralised government.
What was papyrus?
Paper-like sheets for writing; made from reeds that grew along the Nile
Gender in Art
women- pale (because usually doing household chores, inside, away from sun)
men- darker (assumed to be outside the household)
Book of the Dead
Hymns, prayers, and magical spells from the tomb to protect the soul to the afterlife.
a group of lands and people ruled by one government
Old Kingdom
A period in Egypt that lasted for about 500 years.
People of the sea
Tribes of Palestine, nomads from Libian desert, and people from the Meditterranean Sea.
Mummy/ Mummification
- mummify to go to the afterlife
- take out the organs and out them into glasses
- wrap the body- dry him out
- put in numerous boxes
Pepi II
6th Dynasty, ruled over Egypt for 94 years. No clear pharaoh after his reign which led to a vacuum of power and contributed to the collapse of the Old Kingdom.
book of dead
contains major ideas and beliefs found in the ancient egyptian religion
In the early stages of Egyptian religion only the Pharaoh could do what?
enter into the aferlife
Vegetables, bread, beer and dried fish. No one in ancient egypt ever went hungry.
What did ordinary people eat?
Who were below the pharaoh on the social scale?
Preists and Nobles
Toward the end of the Old Kingdom the government becace what?
Weak and divided
Who took over ancient Egypt?
Ambitious nobles tried to take over Ancient egypt and by 2200 B.C. the Old Kingdom had fallen to the nobles and egypt had no central ruler.
A resourceful and creative ancient civilization
What are Pyramids a reminder of today?
When and where was Cleopatra born?
Cleopatra was born in 69 B.C. in Alexandria
One of the largest man made structures in the world today.
What is The Great Pyramid at Giza?
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