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Compact stocky breed
Identify the Breed
a wild horse.
Breed Type
Those characteristics commonly accepted as ideal for a particular breed.
One of the small horse breeds.
A mare used for breeding purposes.
Details of parentage and ancestry recorded in a studbook or registry.
Attractive breed of horse originating in Austria. Always chestnut in color, with light colored mane and tail.
Which horse is usually cremello, white, or gray?
Wild american horse. Brought by the Spaniards.
An individual horse whose parents are recorded in the same registry association. A Registered animal is one whose parents are recorded and is itself recorded, and the registration certificate has been issued.
Breed of heavy horse originating in Scotland and used for heavy draft work.
Flashy breed of horse, originating in the U.S., known for its spectacular gaits.
Breed of draft horse, originating in northern England. Once used as a war horse and later as farm and draft animals.
Elegant breed of horse originating in the Iberian Peninsula. Known in Portugal as the Lusitano.
In general terms, a half-bred, or part-bred horse, the result of an Arabian or Thoroughbred cross with other breeds. Also one of a number of specific breeds of horse, which were developed by crossing hotblood and coldblood horses to produce a more refined, but athletically strong and capable horse
Peruvian Paso
Breed of horse originating from breeding stock brought from Spain during the Conquest period, displaying a comfortable ambling gait. National horse of Peru.
Half Bred
When capitalized, this denotes a horse sired by a Thoroughbred
Barren Mare
A mare that is not in foal.
Shetland Pony
Small breed of pony originating from the Shetland Isles, north of Scotland. One of the British native breeds. Known for its hardiness.
Quarter Horse
Breed of horse, originating in the United States and popular for ranch work, racing and riding in all equestrian disciplines.
a trotting horse used for drawing a light carriage or the like.
Line Breeding
The mating of horses having a common ancestor some generations removed, to accentuate particular traits or characteristics.
Highland Pony
One of the nine native breeds of Great Britain. Sturdy pony originating in the highlands of Scotland.
Blazer Horse
Breed of horse developed in 1959 by Neil Hinck in Idaho. Known for their easy maintenance and versatility.
Which breed of horse is known for mottled skin and striped hooves?
the Appaloosa
one of a French breed of draft horses, having a gray or black coat.
Exmoor Pony
One of the nine breeds of horse or pony native to the British Isles. Originating in the Exmoor region of southwest England.
Which breed of horse is known for its dished face?
the Arabian
welsh pony
one of a breed of small, sturdy ponies raised originally in Wales.
Registered Name
A name given to a horse for its breed registry to record the pedigree of that horse and preserve the integrity and history of the breed.
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