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Terms Definitions
population count
Ruled Egypt
life after death
a great pharoah
palette of king narmer
city of the dead
to preserve a body
The Blue Nile is
Early Period
_______-Old Kingdom-1st Intermediate Period-Middle Kingdom-2nd Intermediate Period-New Kingdom-3rd Intermediate Period- Late Period
the mouth of the nile
a rich and powerful person
first pharoah of unified egypt
Step pyramid
The first pyramid built
3rd dynasty (2649-2575 BCE)
*King Djoser's architect
>elaborated simple mastaba into series of stepped stone slabs
A body that has been embalmed.
Rosetta Stone
key to deciphering hieroglyphics translated by Champollion
a naturally occurring white chemical substance that was used in the mummification process as a dehydrating agent.
After winning its independence, Kush ruled Egypt and set up a new_________there
middle kingdom
a period in egypt history's
massive monument constructed with the body of a lion with the head of a pharaoh
Egyptian writing system
Hieroglyphics were the ________
Howard Carter
discovered Tut's tomb in 1922
it was a flat, rectangular structure with slanting sides and was the earliest egyptian tomb.
capital and major city in egypt today
It was a flat, reactangular structure with slanting sides
What is the soul of Egypt?
Nile River
the only female pharoah who ever lived
It's very existence depends on the Nile River (:
The jakal headed god resposible for death and mummifaction.
Which of the following finds artifacts of past civilizations to study?
A powerful woman pharaoh that lead trade expeditions and began many building projects.
Queen hathepsut
ruler who increased egyptian trade. she sent traders to the kingdom of punt and traded with people in asia minor and greece.
An Egyptian prince that kicked the Hyksos out of Egypt
What did astronomy help the Egyptians do?
First Cataract
separated Lower Egypt for Upper Egypt
Ramesses II (Building)
New capital at Pi-Ramesses

Ramesseum (mortuary temple) at Luxor on West bank of Thebes

Abu Simbel: 2 temples one for Ramesses II and one for Nefertari

First time monumental architecture is seen built for queen
part of an interior wall rising above the adjacent roof with windows admitting light
goes to the underworld to be weighed and judged
Menes (Narmer)
Credited for two kingdoms becoming one in 3100 B.C.; King of Upper Egypt; led his armies north and took control of Lower Egypt; wore a double crown to represent the two cities
a special shelter where the body is washed and purified
New Kingdom
a period during which Egypt reached the height of its power and glory from about 1550 BC to 1050 BC
What made the Hyksos better armed?
bows and arrows
the title used by the rulers of ancient Egypt
a large Egyptian home; owned by the wealthy
Queen Hatshepsut
A female pharoah; succeeded by her step-son Thutmose III ; most successful female pharoah. She wanted herself to b portrayed as a man.
bits of black soil and rock that contain minerals that make soil rich for farming.
a political unit governed by a deity (or by officials thought to be divinely guided)
falcon headed god, god of sky, war, king, protection (son of isis and osiris) horus has a special connection to the pharaoh, god of upper egypt
a person who treats dead bodies to preserve them
Boats going north were pushed by what?
The current.
someone who rules for a child until the child is old enough to rule
King Tut
A young king whose tomb was filled with jewelry, robes, burial masks, and ivory statues. These findings have helped people learn about Egypt's past
to prevent the decay of a body by putting peservitves on it
Thutmose 3
Stepson of Hatshepsut and one of the greatest pharohs of the New Kingdom.
Fertile Crescent
A large arc of rich, or fertile,farm land.
Upper Egypt
farmland aobut 6 miles on either side of the Nile
relating to or derived from the sun or utilizing the energies of the sun
king tutankhamen
known as the boy knig beacuse he ruled for 9years and died before his 20th birthday
Low Social Level
The Artisans and Farmers were of the lowest social level. Artisans provided goods for the king and his family, such as furniture and jewelry. The artisans were paid in food. Farmers spent their lives growing food they supports other levels of society by providing them food.They also provided buildings because in flood season they couldn't farm. So they worked on temples, pyramids, and irrigation canals.
As writing evolved, literature included
chronological list of kings, religious inscriptions, spells to protect the dead, biographies and autobiographies, stories, wisdom text or moral instruction, love poems, hymns to the gods, prayers, mathematical, astronomical, and medical text
What did the astronomical charts do?
predict the flooding of the Nile
What did the Rosetta stone help us determine?
The meaning of hieroglyphs.
The 3 main eras in Egyptian history
the Old, Middle and New Kingdom
Why did Egyptians give the name
The bounty of the Nile dried up, resulting in diseases that made life in Egypt difficult
What were the first Egyptian boats like/made of/used how?
The first Egyptian boats were made of papyrus bundles and were pushed using a pole or a paddle and were lined internally with reed mats to keep them dry.
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