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Terms Definitions
private collectors/amateurs
red crown
french for cartridge
pharaoh's ka
eternal provisioning
lower egypt
the delta marshlands
temple of horus
main deposit
naqada II-III
wrote mujam al-buldan
foundational work in encyclopedia geopgraphy
successful scribe
tomb in saqqara
statue in chamber
false door
sculpted with low relief
pyramid texts
unas-earliest example
negative confessions
228 spells for successful journeys in afterlife
red granite, limestone, sandstone
used for monuments and tombs
another language and literature expert
Heinrich Schliemann
discovered Troy and stratigraphy
old kingdom collapse
environmental factors
border trouble
breakdown in cult of the king
temple disappered due to lootingdedicated to Nekhebet (cobra goddess)-became goddess of upper Egypt
king lists
-royal list of karnak
-royal list of abydos
-royal list of saqqara
-royal canon of turin
3 phases
1. exploration
2. collecting (private and public)
3. archaeology/egyptology (scientific)
merimde beni salama
first complex settlement
no cemeteries
first human burial
55000 bp at taramsa
first pottery
around 7000 at nabta playa
djoser pyramid
separates dynasty 1-2 from others
dominates landscape
architect was imohtep
after dynasty 3 no other kings completed a pyramid
amenemhet III
long peaceful reign-enabled by father's brutal reign?
striking and original statuary
lots of asiatic laor
final burial at Hawara
characteristics of kermans
wealthier nubian culture
semi-nomadic cattle breeders
excellent scouts and warriors
knew oases routes better than egyptians
arrows found in grave
carved faces of columnsdendra festival bring dendra to horus
cat god Bastfestival like mardi gras
Auguste Mariette
Louvre purchaser and founder of Antiquities Service, Cairo Museum
dynasty 13
true "dark age"
little known of individual rulers at itjtawy
pepi I
second king of dynasty 6
innovative statues in copper, alabaster
throne name was meryre-beloved of Re
statues suffer from bronze disease
depicted as the divine son of ptah
patron god of craftsmen
kingdom of kush
seized colonie in lower nubia
kamose took them back
"gold brought kermans and theban together"
pan-grave culture
thebes during SIP
upper egypt
dynasty 16-17
kerma in kush
1 templemade over timeobelisk given to franceEast bank
Medinet Habu
Last mortuary temple in thebesdirectly across form Luxor
pyramid inch
theory of john taylor: egyptians used an inch related to astronomical phenomena, such as number days in year
nile valley neolithic
faiyum and delta key areas
early agriculture
domesticated grains and animals
queen nitiqret
queen mother took over after Pepi II
signals end of dynasty and old kingdom
best preserved dynasty 5 pyramid
niuserre at abu ghurab
collapsing pyramid at meydum
unifinished pyramid of old kingdom
done by huni
first to write name in a cartouche rather than serekh
edge of faiyum
life sized statues
middle kingdom economic properties
organized along old kingdom lines
pyramid metaphor
tax and conscription economics
suppression of nomarchs post FIP
bigger bureaucracy
invasive hands-on govt
amenemhet II
annals- yearly records of his deed (donations, statues, treaties)
Abu Roash
oldest son of Khfu died never completed pyramid
the ennead - 9 gods
atum "the all" -> masturbation
1. Shu and Tefnut
2. Geb and Nut
3. Osiris, Seth, Isis and Nepthys
4. Horus (Osiris and Isis)
autography of weni
memoir of an important official
from his abydos mastaba
amenemhet IV
had to marry his sister for an heir
pyramid metaphor for economy
wealth flows upwards
bottom does most of the work
royal list of saqqara
d1 to ramesses II omitting anejib kings and all SIP names
characteristics of pyramids at Giza
Khufu is largest
more mastaba tombs
3 tombs
boat pits
causeway to eastern temple
valley temple (possibly afterthought)
perfect east-west axis
mud used for bricks
bakes in the sun and used for residential architecture
sneferu's official burial at Meidum
served huni and other pharaohs after change
tomb has earliest paintings
scenes of daily life
Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt
the nile river through two important regions in Egypt called
environmental factors of old kingdom collapse
low niles
try to use soil samples to identify patterns of nile
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