Human Sexuality Flashcards

Terms Definitions
painful menstruation
Female hormone
LH release
non-married lifestyles
horny, availablehomosocialerotophobicundesirable"trial marraige"cohabiting couples are equally likely to marry as non-cohabitng coouples50% never intend to marry while cohabitingurban, liberal, less religous, more sexual
Cowper's gland secrection
Fluid-borne-invading protozoan parasite-primarily transmitted via coitusFemale symptoms=50% frothy, watery, smelly discharge, inflamed labia and vagina, painful intercourse, 50% asymptomaticMale Symptoms=50% mild urethritis, 50% asymptomatic-microscopic exam of discharge-infertility, prematurity
treponema palidum bacterium
Third Trimester
Weeks 25-40 LMP
fetonatal binding proteinprevents hormones from altering dimorphic tissue
Length of puberty
10 years
cervical os
Entrance to uterus
Uncontrollable sexual compulsions involving children.
transsexual (TS)
transgenderedbiologic sex is ego-dystonicMTFFTMmost are satisfied with outcomenone regret surgery if they get oneprental hormones in hypothalamus may be responsible
overt sexual behavior
unwanted sexual touch
negative attitudes, concerns about hygiene, 25% consider topic unacceptable for discusson with family
Pilaga Indians live in multigenerational instead of same-sex dwellings. -Multiple generations of females with their marital partners and unmarried sons reside together.
recreational needs
-personal renewal, relaxation, entertainment-physical emotional pleasure-ecstatic experience
sexual role
Lifestyle, presentation in society
dichotomous model
Either heterosexual or homosexual
Testosterone causes development of Wolffian tubes into epididymis, vas deferens, seminal vesicles, and ejaculatory duct
Somatic nervous system
Controls voluntary movements
Nonconsensual sexual penetration of the body using physical force or the threat of bodily harm.
80% of all conceptions are spontaneously aborted90% occur prior to week 13 PFweek 1-6 = genetic errorsweek 10-13 = hormone problems
biologic female with female core gender identity who gains satisfaction from perceiving self and being perceived by others as male under some circumstances but has a female social role at other timesmale when "dressed"
assumption that the cross-sex same-sex roles occurs during different stages in lifeBatak- boys sex in gay dormatories, then get marriedDahomeyen- girls have sexual bonds with other girls prior to marriage and then get married
undescended testes; the condition in which the testes do not descend to the scrotum as they should during prenatal development
multiple husbands and wives (group marriage)
during phase 1 pubertyfirst increase in sex hormones comes from adrenal glands
Types of releasing hormones (1)
Gonadotropin-releasing hormome
Female has never experienced orgasm under any circumstances
sexual arousal from performing or experiencing an enema
Possessing, expressing traits that are deemed as masculine as well as traits that are deemed feminine-33% of college, high school students exhibit androgyny-Better balance of assertiveness and cooperation, better emotional adjustment and mental health-more tolerance for androgyny in females than males, males experience more gender role strain
erotic/nude masseuse
exotic dancer/stripper-works out of massage parlor, strip joints, works regular shift, gives hand-jobs, blow-jobs, lap-dancing for additional "tips"
interstitial cells
Sex steroid production, primarily testosterone-Located in the testes
testicles, testes
Divided into sectors by membranes-produces sex cells, located in the scrotum
Yolngu Aborigines
Arnhem Land of Northern Australia-marriages arranged-no restrictions placed on childhood sexual behavior-same sex sexuality accepted for girls, preparation for marriage
stimulating own body to produce pleasurable sensations and/or orgasm-Historical=dangerous, diseases, cause of mental illness-Current social=not viewed as harmful but childish, embarrassing-Current medical=normal, natural, healthy behavior, useful for self-awareness, self-soothing-learning to be orgasmic
In Pilaga Indian society:When the married couple lives with the male's family.Occurs when Pilaga female becomes pregnant.
engorgement, detumescence
Lubrication of vaginal introitus, clitoral erection, labial thickening, hardening and change of angle of elevation of penis, increasing size of penis
vaginal canal
inner 2/3-largely insensitive to stimulation-has few nerve endings-highly elastic-mildly acidic (PH 5.7)
fertile mucus
Occurs in ovulation or Mid-cycle-Cervical mucus becomes fertile (alkaline, copious, watery, elastic, slick, like raw egg white)
Prepares uterus for fertilized ovum and maintains pregnancy
The assumption of a universal heterosexual orientation.
Chemical castration
Blocking the production of testosterone in repeat sex offenders through the regular injection of female hormones.
Coercive paraphilias
Sexual activities involving an unsuspecting, nonconsenting, or unwilling victim who is the target of the atypical, compulsive behavior.
Public lice
Small buglike parasites, usually sexually transmitted, that infest the genital area causing extreme itching; often referred to as "crabs," because of their resemblance to a sea crab.
mechanism of action
what makes the method successful
assumption that a person will exhibit certain negative traits that will disqualify them for some societal considerationprejudical
assumption that the same-sex role will occur during the same phase of life as the cross-sex roleMarind Anim- sex with wife and foster sonAzande- wife fucks husband and has lesbian sex
a PG hormone that stimulates milk ejection from he nipples and contractions of the uterus during childbirth
Braxton-Hicks contractions
contractions of the uterus during pregnancy that are not part of the actual labor
Behavior Modification
A set of operant conditioning techniques used to modify human behavior
competitive harasser
males feels ambivalent about the femalehe experiences sexual attraction and also wishes to dominate and control the femaleperceives the female as competitive with him
male control of social and economic functions of marriage
homosexual identity confusion(12-17)
increasing awareness of gaynessmany gays and lesbians live out heterosexual lives through adulthoodfew experience same gender sex as a teenager
Structure that is located at the innermost end of the vagina and is the narrowest and outermost part of the uterus.
Network of tubes collect sperm from the seminiferous tubules-sperm mature, achieve motility, gain partial ability to fertilize ovum.-sperm stored for up to 6 weeks, released just prior to ejaculation-an elongated organ on surface of testes that constitutes beginning of vas deferenes
Tyson's glands
Located between the corona and foreskin, secrete smegma, possible cause of irritation or infection in uncircumcised penises-Easily cleansed by retracting the foreskin during bathing
he vital force lying dormant within one until activated by the practice of yoga, which leads one toward spiritual power and eventual salvation.
A gland which produces sex cells.-For men, the testes
Attracted to those perceived to be female
Uses for C-Section: fetal skull too large, breech position, inadequate cervical dilation, fetal distress, maternal exhaustion, previous C-section, cord prolapse, prevent mixing of maternal and fetal blood, mother has STI, excessive bleeding, placenta blocking cervix
Biologic male with male core gender identity who gains satisfaction from perceiving self and being perceived by others as female under some circumstances but has a male social role at other times; passes as female when "dressed"
muscular sac with seam-like line down center, dividing it in twohouses the testeskept outside body because helps maintain temperature necessary - about 5 degrees lower than body cavityfertility decreases at wrong temperatureleft hangs lower than right
In the legal terms, any sexually explicit work deemed obscene according to legal criteria and therefore exempt from freedom of speech protections.
A behavior entered into voluntarily by all parties.
The belief that voluntary abortion is akin to murder, and that it should be illegal.
Birth defect
A physical abnormality or metabolic dysfunction that is present at birth and may result in physical or mental deficits.
Combination pill
An oral contraceptive containing a combination of estrogen and progestin.
Sexual orientation
A person's primary sexual, social, romantic, and emotional attraction with respect to gender.
A male prostitute who services male clients and employs professional tactics similar to those of female streetwalkers.
Hate crime laws
Laws prescribing more stringent penalties for crimes motivated by bias or prejudice.
male ownership of offspring
biological mother = lowest claimpregnancy or postpartum rituals (couvade)marriage to the motherkinship mandatesproperty rights
fitted in vagina between upper end and the pelvic bonefailure rate = 6% LAF 16% TAF
gynephilia (gynephile)
attracted to those perceived to be female
the theory that all living things have acquired their present forms through gradual changes in their genetic endowment over successive generations
a substance that produces defects in a fetus
a hormone related to the onset of puberty
cesarean section
a methos of delievering a baby surgically, by an incision in the abdomen
mother post partum taboos
time devoted exclusively to infantinfant has sole access to mother's body
sexual debut- first coitus
33% strongly negative33% dissatisfied, disappointed, bored33% highly positive- fun excitingmales feel more mature and joyous about first coitus than females
______ ___ _____ transduce sexual stimulation of the penis and clitoris
Genital end bulbs
testicular torsion
Twists in spermatic cord cuts off blood supply to testis, causes severe pain, and damage to the testis if not treated prompty
luteinizing hormone LH
Produced by anterior lobe of pituitary-Stimulates maturation of ovarian follicle and formation of corpus luteum
pelvic venous dilation
diversion of blood flow from genitals
ejaculatory duct
Connects the vas deferens to the urethra, passes through the prostate.-Collects fluids from the prostate and seminal vesicles to form the ejaculate-Ducts from the prostate, seminal vesicle do not open during urination-Duct from the bladder does not open during erection or orgasm
non wart-type HPV
-many strains cause no visible wartsnon wart type cause cancer-cervical cancer for 16 and 18, most prone
transmission time-lines
Time delay between time of exposure and the appearance of symptoms-Time delay between time of exposure and being infectious to others-Delays may be days, weeks, months, years
viral load
amount or concentration of virus in blood
seminiferous tubules
twisted, curved tubules in each lobule of the testis in which spermatozoa develop.(sperm production)
sex trafficking
Estimate 1 million girls forced into sexual slavery each year45-50 thousand girls, women brought each year to U.S from foreign countries-decieved, enslaved, held prisoner in host country, blackmailed
Female labia majora equals male...
male scrotum equals female...
Personal sexual philosophy
A person's unique foundation of knowledge, attitudes, and actions relating to what the person wants and who he or she is as a sexual being.
The tube extending from the bladder to the urethral opening, which carries out of the body urine in women and men and semen as well in men.
Emotional Response of the couple
ambivalence about coming life changesemotionally mixed periodfear of miscarriageconcerns about being a parentfemales experience pregnancy as part of selfmales experience pregnancy as an abstract concept
gender role
sum of all behaviors a person engages in to indicate to others one's identity as male, female, intersex
Corpus Spongiosum
a spongy body running the length of the underside of the penis
behavior of stalker
80% phone contact, some email or mail50% lying in wait at home or workplace44% watched from afar42% followed15% threatened10% sexual assault66% frequent contact
reproductive capacity
50% of teens are in denial of fertility, think they will beat the oddsfertility may occur after first menstraejaculation, but usually does not
gender identity
one's view of oneself as female or male
voluntary infertility
15% of couples choose to remain child free
Pap test
a test for cancer of the cervix, consisting of the staining of cervical cells taken in a cervical or vaginal smear (Pap smear) for examination of exfoliated cells.
prostatic fluid
Fluid comprises 30% of volume of the ejaculate
The release of an egg, or ovum, from the ovary into the falopian tube.
Case study
A in-depth study and anaylysis of one person or group who demonstrates specific characteristics of interest to a researcher.
Urinary tract infection
An infection of the urethra, bladder, or other urinary structure, usually caused by bacteria.
sex experience for couple
changing shape of female bodyfear of injury to fetuschange in breast and vaginal secretionsincreased libido
Inner Lips
Thin fold of skin lying on either side of the vaginal entrance
Types of surgical method of contraception
- Male sterilization- Female sterilization
Other types of proteins/peptides (5)
- Prolactin- Growth hormone- inhibin- oxytocin- anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH)
Madison v. Women's Health
Supreme court allows the barring of demonstrators from blockading abortion clinics, following the murder of an abortion doctor at the clinic. -1999, Federal Jury fines pro life group 107 million for inciting murder and violence-prosecution of violent anti-abortionists on civil rights violation;
2 Functions of Ovaries
- release of oocytes (ovulation) - Production and secretion of sex hormones
Female orgasmic disorder
A sexual problem in which a woman rarely or never reaches orgasm or whose orgasms are delayed; also known as inhibited female orgasm or anorgasmia.
Safe sex fatigue
A loss of tolerance for the necessity of always practicing safer sex behaviors.
how androgens and estrogens effect
they effect by interacting with the genetic code for each traitthe presence of the hormone modulates gene potential
Functions of Testosterone (8)
- Growth of genital tissue in males- Masculinizes the fetal brain- erectile capacity of the penis and clitoris- masculinizes male body at puberty- formation od red blood cells and musculature- Bone growth- Libido- Wellbeing, assertiveness, risk taking behavior
breast cancer
1 in 8 women have or had it-lump in breast, discharge from nipple, wrinkled or reddened skin of breast-detection=breast self exam at mid cycle-mammography-biopsy of masstreatment=mastectomy/lumpectomy-removal of all or part of breast, radiation, chemo, or hormone therapy
Erotic stimulus pathway theory
A model of human sexual response based on the psychological and cognitive stages of seduction, sensations, surrender, and reflection.
What are the main targets of testosterone?
Widespread in the body and brain
What is the "romantic code"? Define and describe it.
Does the RESEARCH support the idea that there is a romantic code and double standard for adolescents and young adults? (Consider how boys/men and girls/women make decisions about having sex, what expec
The romantic code is the gendered norms and scripts connected to sexuality in heterosexual relationships. It says:
Men are in charge, they want sex, they know what they are doing. They initiate sexual activity and are in control of it. Men are encouraged to be sexually active.
Women are passive. They are assumed to have little knowledge about sexuality and are willing to follow the male‟s lead. They don‟t plan for sex (unless they are “sluts”…. We‟ll come back to this point). Women are discouraged from being sexually active unless they are in love/ in a committed relationship). Her focus is less on “pleasure” than on “protection” (not getting pregnant)
I find that the research does support the idea that there is a romantic code for adolescents and young adults. In the research it was found that some girls decided to have sex because they felt pressured to do so or else their boyfriends would leave them while other times "it just happened." Expectations were different between males and females. Young men expected it to be a pleasurable experience and looked forward to it while young females thought it would be scary and painful. Because of this, it appears that men have control when it comes to sex. They give women the option of either having sex with them or they will leave, and so the women agree to join them.
What are the most active areas of the brain during arousal? (2)
- Anterior cingulate area of the left hemisphere- Basal ganglia
Bacterial STI's
ChlamydiaGonorrheaNongonococcal urethritisSyphilis
age sex play begins
the absence of menstruation
Average infant birth weight
7.5 pounds
A Personal leaning or inclination
inability to retract the foreskin
medical terminology, the developing human offspring from fertilization through birth
cut vans deferens/ severe them
Male copulatory and urinary organ
glans penis
the head of the penis
increases during orgasm and sexual contact
highly sensitive structure of the female external genitals, only function is sexual pleasure.
___% of boys experience breast enlargement during puberty
Air-borne hormones that affect complex behaviors in some subhuman species. Some of these agents act as sex attractors. The existence of human pheremones is debated.
the medical specialty dealing with reproductive health and genital diseases of the male and urinary tract diseases in both sexes
pubic lice
an infection of "crabs," move easily from one person to another, "crabs" can survive up t a day and lay eggs that hatch in about a week on clothing and bedding
gential herpes
HSV1=lips. transmitted by vaginal, anal, or oral-genital intercourse. Symptoms include small, painful red bumps on genital area, which become painful blisters that eventually rupture to form wet, open sores. No known cure, but variety of treatments to reduce symptoms. This is a virus, but not isolated like the HIV virus or the one causing syphilis.
Focuses on uncovering the unconscious material responsible for a patient's disorder
A philosiphical system that denies a deivine origin for morality and hold that ethical judgments must be made on the basis of human experience and human reason. real intimacy between persons, condemns impersonal and exploitive relationships. tolerant, compassionate, and skeptical of claims of absolute right and wrong.
four components of sexual intelligence
self-understandinginterpersonal sexual skillsscientific knowledgecultural context
16. What is Romantic Love?
Intimacy + passion
Premenstrual syndrome
symptoms of physical discomfort and emotional irritability that occur 2 to 12 days before menstruation
parasitic infestation caused by a tiny mite that causes itching
a person who identifies with tthe opposite sex and who usually seeks to transition to the other sex by menas of hormone treatment and sex reassignment surgery
individuals who are attracted to both sexes
Surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis covering the glans.
Derived from or based on observation and experimentation.
the stretchable canal in he female that opens at the vulva and extends about four inches into the pelvis
avoidance of all forms of sexual activity and, often, the religious commitment to not marry of to maintain a nonsexual lifestyle
Retrograde Ejaculation
ejaculation going to bladder instead of leaving the body through the urethra

causes: accidents, prostate surgery, tranquillizers/ other drugs, certain illnesses
Collected products of sweat & oil glands that can accumulate under the foreskin
Corpora Cavernosa
Spongy bodies running the lenght of the top of the penis
Amniotic Fluid
Maintains the fetus at a constant temperature and cushions it against possible injury
premarital intercourse motives
love, physical arousal and pleasure, peer pressure, women:love and affection, men:physical pleasure
• Rape – a violent act of coerced genital contact or intercourse.
• Incest – sexual contact of an individual who is related to the perpetrator by birth or marriage.
• Sexual Harassment – comments and/or actions regarding an individual’s sexuality that may cause them discomfort/fear.
• Withholding sex – manipulation of an individual by threatening to refrain from sexual activity.
• Seduction/Flirting – manipulating or enticing an individual to engage in sexual activity.
What is the clitoral hood?
It protects the clitoris.
the loose skin that covers the penile glans; also referred to as the prepuce
mammary glands
the milk producing glands within the breast
male condom
barrier method of birth control. use for a method of protection and protection againdt sdt's. condoms contain nonoxynol 9 a spermicidal that not only kill sperm in case the condom leaks or breaks but also is intrumental in reducing the rate of std. failure rate 12% failure rate used correctly is 3%. sheep skin condoms is not effective as not effective in preventing pregnancy or in prevention of std and hiv.
Cowper's glands
two pea sized glands located alongside the base of the urthra in the male that secrete an alkaline fluid during sexual arousal
delayed labor
pregnancies that go longer than 2 weeks after the expected delivery date
low-birth-weight infants
babies that weigh less than 2,500 grams, or 5.5 pounds at birth
Sex therapy exercises
increased self-knowledge is often an important step in modifying negative perconceptions and feelings around sex. Basics include self-awareness, communication, sensate focus, and masturbation w/ partner present
sexual strategies theory
a theoretical explanation for hamn mating - says that males and females face differnt adaptive problems in casual or short term mating nand long term, reproductive mating, leading todiff. strategies or behaviors for solving these problems.
What is male orgasmic disorder?
How common is this type of disorder?
What are some partners’ reactions to this problem?
Male orgasmic disorder- RETARDED EJACULATION- the man cannot have an orgasm, even though he is highly aroused and has had a great deal of sexual stimulation
- far less common than premature ejaculation; more common among Asian Americans than Whites or Blacks
- some women react negatively to this condition seeing their partners inability to have an orgasm as a personal rejection
26. What is rape?
The occurrence of sexual intercourse by force or threat of force without the consent of the person against whom it is perpetrated
vas deferens
a tube that conducts sperm from the testicle to the ejaculatory duct of the penis
Labia minora
labia minora are skin folds within the labia majora that converge near the anus forming a fourchette. rich in sebacous glands which lubricate and water proof the vulva skin and provide bacterial secrections. sebacous cyct commonly occur in this area. valvovaginitis occurs in this area d/t nerve tactile endings. increases insize at puperty and decreases after menopause d/t estrogen levels.
Social Desirability
A response bias to a questionnaire or interview in which the person provides a socially acceptable response.
an embryo is referred to as this after the eighth week of gestation
female sexual arousal disorder
Female organ not enlarged sufficiently so decreased pleasure w/ stimulation. inability to attain or maintain an adequate lubrication-swelling response of sexual excitement until completion of sexual activity. Causes marked distress or interpersonal difficulty and not better accounted for by another axis I disorder, substance or general med. cond. Effects 25% of women (3/4 are postmenopausal). Treatments include erotic materials, sensual massage, lubricants, therapy, and kegal exercises
Prostate Gland
Wraps around the urethra as it comes out of the bladder
What is incest? Most common form?
Incest- sexual activity between relatives
Most common form of incest- sibling
What are gonorrhea and chlamydia?
A bacterial STI, symptoms include trouble urinating (in males) and yellowish-white discharge.
what is the menstration situation with most mammals
the endometrium is reasbsorbed
Fetal Alchol Syndrome (FAS)
a birth defect caused by chronic consumption of alcohol during pregnancy, symptons can include unusual facial features, small head and body size, congenital heart defects, defective joints, and intellectual and behavioral impairment
Kinsey report
Pub. a study on male sexuality in 1948 & female sexuality in 1953. The volumes documented the actual sexual beh. of americans & demonstrated the discrepancy between public standard & actual sexual beh. The Kinsey scale (0-6 sexuality scale) demonstrated the continuum of other-sex & same-sex beh, which previously had been viewed as completely heterosexual or homosexual idenitty. 0 represents exclusively other sex beh. and 6 represents exclusively same sex beh. Everyone masturbates. How often do women masturbate.
What is the difference between soft-core magazines and hard-core magazines?
Hard core magazines --> no holds barred approach to what they present
Soft core magazines --> upper body
Photographs may include everything from vaginal intercourse to anal intercourse, sadomasochism, bondage and sex with animals.
a love that is played as a game or sport; conquest
game-playing, ludus
What is the corpora cavernosa?
These are the shafts in the clitoris.
zygote intrafallopian transfer (ZIFT)
a woman's eggs are fertilized in the laboratory and then transferred to her fallopian tubes
Know the ways proposed for preventing sexual variations
1) Preventing each separate variation. A distinction is made between primary prevention and secondary prevention. Primary prevention would be intervening in the home life or in other factors during childhood to prevent problems from developing. Secondary prevention is to diagnose and treat the problem as early as possible once it has arisen, so that difficulties are minimized. Primary prevention has is advantageous but it is difficult
2) Analyzing the components of sexual development. 1) gender identity 2) sexual responsiveness 3) formation with relationships with others
Herpes simplex virus type 1
virus that causes oral herpes which is characterized by cold sores or fever blisters on the lips or mouth
What are the steps involved in making a career out of prostitution
1) entering prostitution
2) go through an apprenticeship in which they learn the skills of the profession
3) learns how to hustle/negotiate her services
What is the G-spot?
Discovered in 1960, by a Dr. G, it is located on the ceiling of the vagina.
How does ELISA detect HIV?
What is the Western blot test? How are these tests used together?
- ELISA detects the presence of antibodies for HIV by screening blood that is donated; very sensitive leading to false positives
- The western blot test is more accurate; more expensive. The Western blot test is used if there are sketchy results from the ELISA test
is the PH of the vagina acidic or basic and why?
acidic--due to the presence of lactobacill, a bacteria that converts sugars to lactic acid
Why is syphilis hard to diagnose? What methods can be used to diagnose syphilis? What are the treatment options for syphilis? Can it be eliminated?
- its symptoms are like so many other diseases
- methods used: blood tests, fluid can be taken from the chancre and put under a microscope to test for syphilis
Treatment options: penicillin in the buttocks; there are alternatives for those who are allergic to penicillin
- you're always infected
painful menstruation
pharyngeal gonorrhea
sore throat
First case of HIV/AIDS
total number of cases
Master's and Johnson's four phases
No Pubic hair
Tanner Stage 1
Sexual dysfunctions
Physical, psychological, and/or interpersonal problems that might impair sexual desire, arousal, or response.
the statistical characteristics of populations
doing little or no harm
Base of the vas deferens
hormones that promote the development of male or malelike sexual structures and characterstics
psychological bond that forms between an infant and the mother, father, or other caregiver
Laws, values, religion, history, art
the society
Oral stimulation of the anal area
The belief that adult thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are the result of events that happened in infancy and childhood.
Hormonal sex
An individual's sexual characteristics resulting from the predominant secretion of testosterone from the testes or estrogens from the ovaries.
fringelike ends of the fallopian tubes, into which the released ovum enters
a clinical breast examination that screens the breast tissue for masses
Orgasmic Disorders
Female orgasmic disorder, male orgasmic disorder, and premature ejaculation
the increase muscle tension that occurs throughout the body during sexual arousal. Includes both voluntary flexing and involuntary contractions such as facial grimaces, spasmodic contractions of the hands and feet and the muscular spasms that occur during orgasm.
Thin fold of vascularized mucous membrane at the vaginal opening
Hormone secreted by the pituitary gland that initiates & maintains milk secretion
the chemicals produced by and released into the blood by the endocrine glands to serve as internal chemical regulators in the body
Double standard
exceptable for men and not women
-involves many aspects of an individuals life and does not just include their sexual activity
-encompasses sex, gender identities and roles, orientation, pleasure, intimacy and reproduction
-experienced and expressed through thoughts, desires, beliefs, attitudes, values, practices etc.
Survey research
Method that uses questionnaires or interviews to gather information.
genital warts
symptom of HPV, most common STI
a benign tumor arising from smooth muscle cells of the uterus
sexuality definition
All humans are sexual beings, sexuality is an individual experience epxressed and highly personal phenomenon whose meanings evolve from life experiences. physiologic and psychological and culture factors influence a persons sexuality and leads to a wide range of attitudes and behaviors seen in humans.
Extramarital Sex
Sexual Relations between a married person and someone other than his or her spouse.
The branch of anthropology that deals descriptively with specific cultures, especially preliterate societies.
cessation of menstruation as a result of the aging process or surgical removal of the ovaries
bind to antigens, inactivate them, and mark them for destruction by killer cells
a round, painless sore (caused by syphilis)
pain associated with sex that occurs during anal intercourse
A term that describes a relationship in which a clearly unhealthy interdependence exists. These people are secure in their sense of being only when someone else defines their desires and auutonomy for them.
saclike structures filled w fluid or diseased material
Cognitive Theory
Proposes that our thoughts are responsible for our behaviors
Practice of marrying more than one partner
The tube through which sperm pass on their way from the testis and epeididamis, out of the scrotum, into the eurethra
Describe the cognitive-behavior therapies being used to treat sexual variations
- Covert sensitization- involves pairing aversive imagery with fantasies of the target behavior; this approach has been effective in cases such as sadism, exhibitionism, and pedophilia
- Orgasmic reconditioning- the patient is told to masturbate to his usual paraphiliac fantasies, at the moment of orgasm he switches to an acceptable fantasy; he becomes able to orgasm regularly while having an acceptable fantasy; he becomes conditioned to experiencing sexual arousal in the context of acceptable behavior
- group therapies- different treatment for male and female paraphiliacs are necessary because males usually do not recognize what they did wrong and need help appointing the problem while females are already aware and ready to fix it
Pubic lice ("crabs)
body contact, shared clothing or beddingpersistent itching; lice are visible in pubic or other body hair
forskin or fold of skin over the clitoris
the collected experience of a person regarding sex, i.e. parental attitudes, previous experience, what has been pleasurable
the psyche
spermatic cord
the cord the suspends a testicle within the scrotum and contains the vas deferens, blood vessels, nerves, and the cremaster muscle
seminal emission
the loading o the constituents of semen into the posterior urethra immediately before ejaculation
Drugs that are thought to inhibit or diminish sexual arousal and that may foster disinterestedness in sexual interaction
mons pubis
covers the anterior portion of the symphysis pubis.Protects the pelvis bones especially during coitus ( method of contraception male pulls out before ejaculation.
Personal Fable
The belief that one's feelings and ideas are special and that one is invulnerable.
involves the removal of more of the breast tissue than with a lumpectomy and is usually followed by radiation therapy
number of times a woman has given birth
How one feels and reveals an authentic concern for the happiness and welfare of one's partner while remaining aware of one's own needs and autonomy
Bulbourethral Gland
Located under the prostate gland on either side of the urethra that secretes a fluid into the urethra
Bartholin glands
Two tiny glands located on either side of the vaginal entrance
these connect the ovary to the uterus as an egg passes through it
Fallopian tubes
What is Lunelle?
A hormonal form of contraception, it is a monthly injection.
What are Leydig cells?
Also called interstitial cells or tissue - they secrete testosterone in males.
Primary erogenous zones
The mouth, genitalia, and anus; areas of the body that when stimulated yild feelings of intense sensual and/or sexual pleasure; see also secondary erogenous zones
oral genital sex
is know technically as cunnilingus. It is not free of the potential for STI transmission.
cavernous bodies
the structures in the shaft of the pensi that engorge with blood during sexual arousal
EIA (enzyme immunoassay)
standard test used to detect the presence of antibodies to HIV
sexual aversion disorder
absence of sexual fantasies and desire for sexual activity. Clinicians must consider additional causes for lack of desire. The disturbance causes distress or interpersonal difficulty and is not better accounted for by another axis I disorder, substance or med. cond.
Idea that there is a cycle of birth, death, & rebirth
Know about sexual addictions
Sexual compulsive behavior repeats a 4 step cycle:
preoccupation --> rituals --> compulsive sexual behavior -->despair
COMPULSIVE SEXUAL BEHAVIOR (CSB) is a disorder in which the individual experiences intense sexually arousing fantasies, urges, and associated sexual behaviors
There are sexaholic workshops similar to that of alcoholics anon.
Pain in the area of the ovary that is felt at the time of ovulation (usually midway through the menstrual cycle)
refractory period occurs
for men after orgasm when they are unarousable
basal body temperature (BMT) method
must record her temperature every morning upon waking for 6-12 months to gain an accurate idea of her temperature pattern, rise in temperature predicts when her cycle of ovulation will occur
secondary sex characteristics (72)
traits that distinguish women from men but aren't directly involved in reproduction
How does the US equal employment opportunity commission define sexual harassment? What are the key ingredients of sexual harassment?
Definition: unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment when a) made toward the individual’s employment or academic advancement b) used as the basis for academic or employment decisions affecting that individual c) has purpose or effect of interfering with the individual’s work or academic performance or could create a hostile or offensive working environment
Key ingredients: sexual advances are unwelcome and coercive in the sense that the victim’s job or grade is at stake ‘quid pro quo harassment’
Freud's Psychosexual Development: Oral Stage
child's chief pleasure is derived from sucking and otherwise stimulating the lips and mouth
What is the scrotal sac?
The labia majora is homologous with this structure.
pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
a infection of the fallopian tubes or uterus that is usually the result of an STI such as chlamydia
Three strategies for preventing rape
1) avoid situations in which there is a high risk of rape- be alert; set sexual limits, decide earlier if you would like to have intercourse, do not give mixed messages, be forceful and firm, don’t do anything you don’t want to do just because its easier,
 2) if the first strategy has failed, knowing some self defense techniques in case a rape attempt is made
3) changing attitudes that contribute to rape
48. What did the Supreme Court say about the Communication Decency Act?
Communication Decency Act- imposed penalties on users who transmitted to or solicited from a person under the age of 18 any information considered obscene or incidentThe supreme court overruled on the grounds that it was vague and overly broadThe court noted that internet users are subject to the provisions of existing child pornography laws
phases of menstual phase and what they mean, and their hormone cycle
menstrual progesterone and estrogen levels are low, allowing endometrium to be shed as menstrual flow
folicular-LH and FSH promote development of follicles, which secrete estrogen. ovulation.
luteal-the remains of the dominant follicle are transformed into a corpus luteum, which secretes progesterone and estrogens. preogesterone causes the endometrium to thicken, preparing for implantation of a conceptus.
Describe how skills training is being used to treat sexual variations
-  paraphiliacs do not have the skills to initiate and maintain conversation and develop intimacy; such people may benefit from a treatment program that includes social skills training and possibly basic sexuality education
Rate of male emmission and expulsion of semen
3-7 ejaculatory spurts at 0.8 second intervals
What are the effects of pornography in terms of sexual arousal?
exposure to material that the viewer finds acceptable does produce arousal; men report higher arousal than women
What are the psychological responses to having herpes?
How do psychological therapies work?
Many people are able to cope; a lot of people don’t know they’re infected and are happily being sexual and possibly spreading the disease; the other people think they should abstain from sex and feel very different
Psychological therapies work by relaxation training, stress management, imagery technique.
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