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Terms Definitions
Male sex hormones
A benign, fibrous tumor
loving attachment and nonsexual affection; the type of emotion that binds parents to children
Pain or discomfort during menstruation
The automatic ejection of anxiety-evoking ideas from consciousness
The thick, triangular bone located near the bottom of the spinal column
Females who are erotically attracted to and desire to form romantic relationships with other females; after Lesbos, the Greek island on which, legend has it, female-female sexual activity was idealized
The condition defined by undescended testes; from roots meaning "hidden testes"
Vestibular bulbs
Cavernous structures that extend downward along the sides of the introitus and swell during sexual arousal
Saclike structures filled with fluid or diseased material
Sexual intercourse; from the Latin copulare, meaning "to unite" or "to couple"
Queer theory
A theory that challenges heteronormativity and heterosexism
Surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis
a pledge, promise, or decision to maintain a relationship
A cluster of negative attitudes and feelings toward gay people, including intolerance, hatred, and fear; from Greek roots meaning "fear" (of members of the) "same" (sex)
ABCDE model
The view that romantic relationships encompass five stages or phases: attraction, building, continuation, deterioration, and ending
A condition in which people strongly desire to be of the other sex and live as a person of the other sex; referred to as gender identity disorder by the American Psychiatric Association
Gender schema
A cluster of mental representations about male and female physical qualities, behaviors, and personality traits
Pituitary gland
The gland that secretes growth hormone, prolactin, oxytocin, and others
The tubular female sex organ that contains the penis during sexual intercourse and through which a baby is born; Latin for "sheath"
A secondary wife, usually of inferior legal and social status; from the Latin concubina, meaning "lying with"
Cowper's glands
Structures that lay below the prostate and empty their secretions into the urethra during sexual arousal
romantic love
STEINBERG'S TRIANGULAR LOVE MODEL : a loving experience characterized by the combination of passion and intimacy but without commitment
Small talk
A superficial kind of conversation tha tallows exchange of information but stresses breadth of topic coverage, rather than in-depth discussion
Gender stability
The concept that people ratain their genders for a lifetime
Secretory phase
The third phase of the menstrual cycle, which follows ovulation; also referred to as the luteal phase, after the corpus luteum, which begins to secrete large amounts of progesterone and estrogen after ovulation
The development of a species to its current state, which is believed to involve adaptations to its environment
Phallic symbols
Images of the penis that are usually suggestive of generative power
Missionary position
The coital position in which the man is on top; also termed the male-superior position
Klinefelter syndrome
A sex chromosome disorder caused by an extra X sex chromosome
Bartholin's glands
Glands that lie just inside the minor lips and secrete fluid just before orgasm
Erogenous zones
Parts of the body, including but not limited to the sex organs, that are responsive to sexual stimulation
A person who feels that he or she is really a member of the other sex and is trapped in a body of the wrong sex
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