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This is the topic particle
Has other uses:
Can be used to express the time. It works like this "Lets talk about weekends (or today ect); what do you want to do?
It basically emphasizes the fact that weekends are being covered here.

Can also be used to invite a response: For example ”晩御飯は" This invites the response 食べません (What about dinner, I will not be there)
De describes where the event will take place.
図書館で本読みます (I will read at the library)
No acts as a connector of two nouns. The first noun is a way to make the second noun more specific
Has two meanings
1. Indicates a goal of movement
私は今日学校に行きません (I will not go to school today)
2. The time in which something takes place
日曜日に京都に行きます (I will go to Kyoto on Sunday)
Also indicates a goal of movement
Pronounced "e"
Just basically replace any ni from the preivous sentences and it works essentially
only works when indicating a goal of movement
Indicates direct objects
pronounced o
コーヒーを飲みます (I will drink coffee)
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