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Tensile strength
Terms Definitions
Elasticity is
The mechanical property that allows a tissue to return to its original shape or size when an applied force is removed (often called "temporary deformation"
Ballistic and dynamic stretching are an example of
Elasticity/temporary deformation.while they offer no permanent improvement to tissue extensibility,these stretching modalities activate neuromuscular patterns in preparation for activity
A critical region called the "elastic limit"is reached when
A tissue is stretched beyond the point where it can return to its normal length after the tensile force is removed (figure 5-14 page 239)
The difference (or deformity) between the original resting length of the tissue and the new resting length,after being stretched beyond its elastic limit,is termed
Permanent set,permanent deformation or strain .
This new state of permanent elongation is also called
Plastic stretch.this transition is called the yield point
Static stretching,which illustrates this principle,improves tissue extensibility,as the tissue deformation remains after the tension is removed
If further tensile force is applied to a tissue beyond its yield point,gradual tissue failure occurs
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