Flexibility training:tissue viscoelasticity Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Viscosity is the property of tissues that
Allows them to resist loads,and unlike elasticity and plasticity,is dependent on time and temperature
Tissue viscosity is an important principle for exercisers and athletes
Properly warming up the body's tissues and fluids reduces viscosity and allows adequate extensibility
As the name implies,viscoelasticity is
The property that allows tissues to exhibit both plastic and elastic behaviors
Most structures in the body are neither completely elastic nor completely plastic
Instead,they exhibit a combination of both properties
When subjected to low loads,most tissues
Exhibit elastic behavior
Conversely,when subjected to higher loads,tissues exhibit a
Plastic response
Furthermore when loads are repeated over time,tissues exhibit
Viscous deformation
Evidence is unclear,but many professionals engage in regular flexibility training to
Improve performance and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries
It is clear that losses in flexibility can result in
A reduction of movement efficiency and place individuals at risk for low back pain
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