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muscle tension
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Autogenic inhibition is a principle stating that
Activation of a GTO inhibits a muscle spindle response
When a static stretch is initially performed,(low force,longer duration)
The small change in muscle length stimulates low grade muscle spindle activity and a temporary increase in muscle tension
This low grade muscle response
Progressively decreases due to a gradual desensitization of the muscle spindle activity as the duration of the stretch progresses.this response is referred to as stress relaxation
After seven to ten seconds of a low force stretch,
The increase in muscle tension activates a GTO response
Under GTO activation,muscle spindle activity and any tension in the muscle are
Temporarily inhibited,allowing further muscle stretching
Now that the muscle tension is removed ,holding the stretch beyond ten seconds places stress along the
Collagen fibers,remodeling them as they pull apart (plastic deformation)and lengthen the tissue
The lengthening that occurs when a stretch force is applied is called
Reductions in tension (stress relaxation response)and creep are possible explanations for the
Increases in range of motion observed after an acute static stretching session
After terminating the stretch,the muscle spindle
Quickly reestablishes it's stretch threshold again(about a 70% recovery of the muscle spindle within the first 5 seconds)
Repeating the stretch a finite number of times produces
A gradual increase in muscle extensibility . As an example,holding a hamstrings stretch for seven to ten seconds will inhibit the muscle and allow greater stretching
Reciprocal inhibition is the principle stating that
Activation of a muscle on one side of the joint (the agonist) coincides with neural inhibition of the opposing muscle on the other side of the joint (the antagonist)to facilitate the movement
When a contraction or active movement in an agonist is performed(50% of maximum force)for more than six seconds,the antagonist muscle becomes inhibited(recused muscle spindle activity) allowing it to be stretched
For example,firing the gluteus Maximus for six to 15 seconds reciprocally inhibits the hip flexors temporarily,thereby allowing the hip flexors to be than be stretched
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