Digestive systems of non ruminants Flashcards

Digestive System
Terms Definitions
What is the initial component?
Lips for ___
Cheeks for ___
Mastication and mixing
Teeth for ___
Prehension and mastication
Hard and soft palate for ___
Prehension and mastication
Tongue for ___
Pretension, mastication, taste, and swallowing
Salivary glands for ___
Saliva secretion
Salivary glands have 3 ___ pairs which are named ___
Bilateral _ parotid, sub maxillary, sub lingual
4 components of saliva
Water, mucin, bicarb, enzymes (amylase)
3 uses of saliva
Lubricant, buffer, and starts digestion
Humans produce ___ per day of saliva
1 Quart
Horses produce ___ per day of saliva
10-12 liters
What does the esophagus do?
Connects the mouth to the stomach or rumen
The esophagus uses what to move food?
Peristaltic movement
The esophagus contains a ___ ___ which keeps food from falling through to the stomach
Cardiac sphincter
Mucin is an ___ soluble lubricant that serves to ___
Water _ protect
Bicarb is a ___ that neutralizes ___
Buffer _ acid
Enzymes prefer a ___ pH and the ___ helps with that
Neutral _ bicarb
3 functions of the stomach
Storage, mixing, begins digestion
What are the four regions of the stomach?
Esophageal, cardiac, fundic gland, and pyloric gland
The esophageal portion of the stomach contains no __
Cells produce ___ in the cardiac region of the stomach
Two types of cells in the fundic gland region of the stomach
Parietal cells (make HCl) and Chief cells (make enzymes or enzyme precursors) (renin and pepsinogen)
The pyloric gland produces ___ and some ___ enzymes
Mucin _ proteolytic
Rennin coagulates and changes the ___ but does not ___
Structure _ digest
3 regions of the small intestine
Duodenum, Jejunum, and Ileum
The ___ and ___ portion of the small intestine are used for nutrient absorption
Jejunum and Ileum
The Jejunum has finger like projections called ___
The ___ is the active sight of digestion in the small intestine
The duodenum receives secretions from what 3 places?
Pancreas, gallbladder, and intestinal wall
3 regions of large intestine
Cecum, large colon, and small colon
What is the primary area of water absorption in the large intestine?
The small colon
In the large colon some ___ occurs
In the cecum some ___ occurs
Fermentation and absorption
What is the last section of the large intestine?
The rectum is know for being ___
Poultry have no ___ but they have a ___ used for picking up food
Teeth _ beak
Where is food temporarily stored in a chicken? And for how long?
Crop _ 12-24 hours
What part in a bird is similar to a stomach
What comes after the proventriculus?
Gizzard (ventriculus)
The gizzard has ___ tissue that contains ___ and is used as a ___ location
Muscular _ grit _ grinding
The large intestine in poultry is similar to the ___ in mammals
How are feces and urine disposed of in the poultry?
They are combined in the cloaca and voided through the vent
Horses lips are used for ___
What teeth do horses have?
Upper and lower incisors and molars
Do horses have salivary glands?
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