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What ADP covers "Misssion Command"
ADP 6-0
What is Mission Command
The exercise of Authority by the Commander using Mission Orders, developing adaptive agile Leaders in the conduct of Unified Land Operations
Six Principles of Mission Command
. Build cohesive teams through mutual trust. . Create shared understanding. . Provide a clear commanders intent. . Exercise disciplined initiative. . Use Mission orders. . Accept prudent risk.
What is Disciplined Initiative
Action in the absence of orders, when the existing orders no longer match the situation or when a unforeseen threat arises.
What is Mission Orders
Directives that issue to the subordinates the result to be attained
What is Art of Command
Creative exercise of authority through timely decision making and leadership
What is Authority
Delegated power to judge, act, or command
What is Control
Regulation of forces and war fighting functions to accomplish the mission
What does "science of control" consist of
Consists of systems and procedures used to improve the commanders understanding and support accomplishing missions
What is a Team
Group of individuals or organizations that work together towards a common goal
What are the 5 additional tasks within mission command war fighting function that are commander led and staff supported
. Conduct military deception. . Conduct military deception. . Install, operate, and maintain network. . Conduct airspace control. . Conduct information protection.
4 ways that staff supports the commander
. Conduct operations process-plan, prepare, execute, and assess. . Conduct knowledge management and info management. . Conduct inform and influence activities. . Conduct cyber electromagnetic activities.
How do staff members assist the commander
Planning, Preparing, Executing, and Assessing using the operations process.
What is "Mission Command System"
Arrangement of personal, networks, information systems, process and procedures, and facilities and equipment that allow the commander to conduct operations.
What is "information systems"
Consists of equipment that collects, processes, stores, displays, and disseminates information.
What is command
The authority that a commander in the armed forces lawfully exercises over subordinates by virtues of rank or position
What is meant by "accept prudent risk"
Deliberate exposure to potential injury or loss when a commander judges terms of mission accomplishment as "worth the cost"
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