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Training Units And Developing Units
Terms Definitions
What ADP covers unit training and developing leaders
ADP 7-0
What is the major difference between fm 7-0 and ADP 7-0
The ADP rescinds the idea that a separate and distinct training management process exist from the operations process for training and developing leaders
According ADP 7-0 what are the most important things that a unit does when it is not actively engaged in operations
Unit training and leader development
What action from the commander sends a clear message to soldiers of the importance of training
The commanders physical presence at training
Unit training and leader development are linked, explain how
Good training supports leader development, good leaders develop good training programs
Schools may provide basic knowledge and skills but where does most leader development occur
In operational environment and through self development
Who is ultimately is responsible for self development for soldiers
The individual soldier
What are the three training domains
Institutional, self development and operational
What are the eleven principle of army unit training
Commanders and other leaders are responsible for training, NCOs train individuals teams and crews, train to standard, train to maintain, train to sustain, train while operating, train fundamentals first, train to adapt, understand operational envirorment, train as you fight, train while operating, conduct multiple echelon training
In training what happens if there is no standard
The commander makes a standard and briefs the next higher commander for approval
What are the army's principles of leader development
Lead by example, develop subordinate leaders, create a learning environment, train leaders in the art and science of mission command, train adaptive leaders, train leaders to think creatively and critically, train your leaders to know their soldiers and their family.
Define AAR
Guided analysis of an organizations performance with the objective of improving
Define MET
A task a unit could perform based on it's design
Define METL
A compilation of mission essential task
Commanders conduct training through what six activities of the operations process
Understanding, visualizing, describing, directing, leading, and assessing
A commanders assessment of training not only considers task, unit, and leader proficiency, but also reviews what three other factors
Relevance, realism, quality of training
With respect for training what does UTM and ATN stand for and what is their relationship
Unit training manager and army trai ing network, the primary portal of UTM is through ATN . Enables users View modules, tutorials, and examples
Mdmp is conducted at the bn level and higher, what are the seven steps of mdmp
Receipt of the mission, mission analysis, Course of action development, coa analysis, coa comparison, coa approval, orders production
What are the eight tlp
Receive the mission, issue the warn, make a plan, initiate movement conduct recon, complete the plan, issue the opord, supervise and refine
What are the five paragraphs of a opord
Situation, mission, execution, service support, command and signal
What are the three levels of proficiency
T trained, p needs practice, u untrained
What is the purpose of a aar
Sustains and improves
What is a oil brief
Observations, insights, lessons learned
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