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What is fires
The use of weapons systems to create specific lethal or nonlethal efforts on a target
What is the fires war fighting function
The related tasks and systems that provide use of indirect fire, air missile defense, and joint fires through targeting
What are the 4 task of fires war fighting function
Deliver fires, integrate all forms of army. Joint and multinational fires, conduct targeting
What are the core competencies of fires
Air defense artillery and field artillery
What are critical capabilities of fires. Target?
Target acquisitions, target discrimination, target engagement
What are the principles of fires "description of fires"
Precision, scalable, synchronized, responsive and networked
What are the characteristics "how does fires operate"
All weather, precisions, near precision, mass area fires, air and space integration,
How does fires support offense
Through attacking a target
How does fires support defense
360 degree protection, early warning, supporting airspace control
How does fires support stability
Saving lives, restoring essential services, maintaing and restoring civil order, and disaster relief
What is Ada air defense artillery
The defense measure to destroy enemy aircraft or missile
What is fires support
Fires that directly support air, land, maritime, spec ops, to engage the enemy in support of the operation
Joint fires support
Multiple forces supporting air land maritime and spec ops against the enemy
What is a target
An entity or target considered for possible engagement
What is targeting
The process of electing and prioritizing targets and matching appropriate response
What adp covers fires
Adp 3-09
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