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What ADP covers defense support of civil authorities
ADP 3-28
What does DSCA stand for
Defense support of civil authorities
What is defense support of civil authorities
When the secretary of defense coordinates with the governors of the affected areas , elects and requests support from those forces in title 32 USC, on response for requests of assistance from civil authorities
What is the purpose "mission" of dsca
Save life's, alleviate suffering, protect property
What are the "4" primary characteristics of dsca
State and federal laws decide how military forces support the civil authorities, civil authorities are in charge and military forces support them, military forces leave when civil authorities can continue without them, military forces must document cost of all direct and indirect support
What are the two tiered, unified army organizations that support dsca
Army national guard under title 32 (state governor commands; active, reserve, national guard forces under title 10 (president commands)
What are the 4 primary army task in support of dsca
Provide support for domestic disasters, provide support for domestic cbrn incidents, provide support for domestic civilian law enforcement agencies, provide other support
What is the militarys contribution to the all of nation approach to incident management
Who commands the national guard
State governors
Who commands federal military forces
What are the three war fighting functions of dsca
Mission command, sustainment, protection
What is ppd 8 president policy directive 8
Policy signed by the president in march of 2011 strengthen the security and resilience of the united states
What does FEMA stand for
Federal emergency management agency
What is the mission of FEMA
Preventing, preparing, responding, and recovering from terrorist acts, major disasters, and other emergencies
What does esf stand for
Emergency support functions
What can federal and state governments activate to coordinate response among government, private sectors, and military partners
Emergency support functions
How many different esf are there
Name 5 emergency support functions
1. Transportation, 2. Communication, 4. Firefighting, 9. Search and rescue, 12. Energy
Who should the commander consult before authorizing soldiers to execute any task outside the mission received through the chain of command
Staff judge advocate
Can army chaplains provide religious support for civilians outside the department of defense
No, unless waived by Legal authority
What does ruf stand for
Rules if use of force, equivalent to roe
How is ruf established
Through state laws
What is the dual purpose of the national guard
State military force under the command of the governor that may be mobilized by the president for federal service
What does the posse cornitatus act prohibit
Use of federal military forces in In direct law enforcement functions unless authorized by the constitution or s act of congress
Does the posse cornitatus act to national guard
Can the army proved indirect support to law enforcement
What is indirect support to law enforcement
Logistical, transportation, and training assistance
Want is direct support to law enforcement
Enforcing the law and engaging contact with offenders
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