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Terms Definitions
What is protection
The preservation of the effectiveness and survivability of assets working within or outside given operational area
What does protection achieve
Preserves combat power by identifying threats and hazards and mitigating their effects
Throughout the operations process, protection must be considered to achieve what three things
Identify threats and hazards, implement controls, manage capabilities to Mitigate the effects and time to react or maneuver
What are the five protection principles "clire"
Comprehensive, layered, integrated, redundant, enduring
What is meant by comprehensive
All inclusive utilization of protection tasks and systems
What is meant by layered
Provides strength and depth
What is meant by integrated
Integrated with other activities associated with unified land operations
What is meant by redundant
Have a secondary or auxiliary effort of equal or greater capabilities
What is meant by enduring
Protection capabilities are ongoing activities
What is the protection war fighting function
TASK AND SYSTEMS that preserve the force so that commanders can apply maximum combat power
What is the first step of effective protection
What are 5 of the 14 supporting task of the protection war fighting function
Conduct cbrn operations, conduct survivability operations, conduct air missile defense, conduct law and order, employ safety techniques
What are 5 of the 11 task of the protection cell or protection working group during planning
Conducts initial assessment, establishes a protection working group, develops a scheme for protection, recommends protection priority, refines the running estimate
What what are 5 of the 11 tasks of the protection cell or protection working group during preparation of the protection measures
Revises and refines the plan, rehearses, directs operational security measures,prepares and improves survivability measures, trains with defended assets
How do commanders maintain protection
Integrating and synchronizing tasks and systems of the war fighting function
Who develops the running estimate
The staff
What does the running estimate allow the commander
Allows commanders to maintain situational understanding and direct adjustments.
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