LEED Exam 1 Flashcards

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What calculations require a baseline case and a design case?
VOC budgets, and water efficiency
What materials do not contribute to construction waste management?
Asbestos and lead, they are hazardous
How do you achieve 3 points for materials and resources credit, material reuse
Must earn 2 points for category and 1 for exemplary performance, 15%
What are the percentages for material reuse?
1 point - 5% and 2 points is 10%
What must be included in projects that indoor light measurements to determine illumination methods?
Glare control or daylight redirection
What standard is used for carpet padding?
The green label standard
What standard is used for carpet?
Green label plus
What standard is used for carpet adhesives?
Less than 50 g/l VOC
What are the requirements for daylight and views, seated views?
In plan view the area is within sight lines, and in section view a direct line can be drawn from typical seated height 42" to perimeter view
Which referenced standards relate to Indoor Environmental Quality Credit, Low-Emitting Materials-Adhesives and Sealants?
Adhesives sealants and primers must comply with SCAQMD Rule #1168.

Aerosol adhesives must comply with Green Seal Standard GS-36
What rate must an occupied space be ventilated at before occupancy?
.3 CFM per sq foot
For environmental quality credit, increased ventilation what percentage must the air be increased by?
How do you calculate car and can pool parking for a tenant space?
5% of building occupants counting 2 per vehicle - FTE x .05 x 2
What percentage of lighting area must be on occupancy sensors to achieve 1 point in EA, optimize energy performance lighting controls?
What materials are rated with Greenguard?
Furniture and seating
What are the ASHRAE 90.1-2007 what are the requirements for controls for lighting?
Rooms smaller than 10,000 sf must have 1 control for every 2500 sf, and rooms larger than 10,000 sf must have 1 control for every 10,000 sf
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