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This is someone who gains unauthorised access to your computer for purposes that could be stealing or corrupting date and information.
Usually a low level hacking method.
Usually someone is trying to make you click a link to win a free iPad or the latest Jeep model, but they catch you out by making you put in your information.
Worms, Viruses and Trojan Horses
You can get these by receiving something from another network that isn’t protected, going onto websites and clicking links.
It protects your computer from dangerous software and other things that might come at it. Updating this regularly insures that your computer is protected.
Internet ethics
Ethics have been made for website developers, information providers and users of the internet so that the internet can be a safe place.
Identity theft
When someone finds out your information they can impersonate you online or sell your information to someone else.
Hate sites
A site that has been made to show hatred towards someone. Usually you see them made about celebrities.
These stop people from seeing things they shouldn't. Example during a news story they may block out swearing.
Information privacy
refers to the right of individuals and companies to deny restirct the collection and use of information about them.
Intellectual property (IP) rights
the rights to which creators are entitled for whatever they invent.
involves analysing information to determine the types of people.
Online business
electronic monitoring
monitoring someone, example : employee monitoring
RFID tags
tagging employees with badges containing these type of tags
GPS tracking
Uses global positioning system satellite technology and the latest mapping software to track vehicles or help get to a destination
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