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Shrimp Tempora
Six jumbo shrimp (dipped for 2 min) over mixed greens with sesame ginger vinaigrette drizzled with house made kabayaki sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds.
Garlic Hummus (3 - 4 spoons full) in a cup with crispy flour tortilla strips (about 8 made out of a flour tortilla) served with canola oil in the center and sprinkled with paprika.
Cheddar jack cheese blend, smoked paprika, sauteed mushroom and oinons.
Pan seared chicken, thin sliced prime rib eye or shrimp.

Served with a side of barbecue sauce and garlic mayonnaise.

Served on a big plate (Crooked, Straight, Crooked) with chive garnish.
Double Dipped (5 min each time) with choice of barbeque, buffalo, teriyaki or old bay seasoning served with carrots (two carrot lengths about the size of your pinky and celery to match) and house made blue cheese dressing on the side (served in large cup).
Side Salads
Mixed Greens, Caesar, and Baby Spinach
Mixed Greens Side Salad
(Served in a bowl) Cucumber (about 6 - 8 halved slices), shredded carrots (about 4 - 5 drags), and tomatoes (one slice, cut in half 4 times).

Drizzled with raspberry vinaigrette.
Caesar Side Salad
(Served in a bowl) Caesar dressing tossed romaine lettuce (Caesar goes into bowl first, then about two cubed sections of romaine) with warm garlic croutons (thin sliced focaccia bread with garlic butter) and fresh Parmesan cheese.
Baby Spinach Side Salad
(Served in a bowl) Baby spinach, fresh mushrooms (12 - 14 slices) and red onions (4 large sizes) with a side of blue cheese.
Entree Salads
Caesar Salad, Roasted chicken salad, rib eye spinach salad, duck salad.
Caesar Salad
(Served with large bowl and see instructions for Caesar Salad) comes with two croutons and can have either chicken, rib eye, or shrimp.

Covered with "rustically placed" Parmesan cheese.
Roasted Chick Salad
(Served with large bowl) Roasted chicken breast over mixed greens with carrots, cucumbers, and crispy wontons with sesame ginger vinaigrette...can substitute chicken for shrimp.
Rib Eye Spinach Salad
(Served in large bowl) Spinach salad with mushrooms, red onions, and croutons with a side of blue cheese...served with rib eye.
Sliced Duck Salad
Sliced duck breast over mixed greens with walnuts, dried cranberries, goat cheese (use gloves), and raspberry vinaigrette.
Hand Cut Rib Eye, Mushroom Duck, Chicken Marsala, King Charles, Fresh Pasta
Hand cut rib eye
14 - 16 oz rib eye served with choice of side and a side salad.
Mushroom duck
Seared duck breast prepared with sauteed onions and mushrooms in teriyaki sauce over a bed of wild rice pilaf.
Chicken Marsala
Roasted chicken breast served with fresh mushrooms and marsala wine sauce; paired with fettuccine alfredo and fresh grated Parmesan cheese.
King Charles
Whole rib eye served with mushrooms and marsala wine sauce; paired with fettuccine alfredo and fresh grated Parmesan cheese.
Fresh Pasta
Pasta with house made alfredo sauce; served with garlic bread and fresh grated Parmesan cheese... served plain, with chicken, and garlic butter poached shrimp.
1/2 lb Burger, 1/2 lb Teriyaki Burger, 1/2 lb BBQ Burger, French Dip, Chicken Sandwich, Grilled Cheese
1/2 lb Burger
Burger topped with melted Cashel blue cheese and fries. (LTO)
1/2 lb Teriyaki Burger
Teriyaki burger with provolone cheese, sauteed mushrooms and onions and fries. (LTO)
1/2 BBQ Burger
Burger with tangy BBQ sauce, sauteed onions and mushrooms with provolone cheese and fries. (LTO)
French Dip
Thin sliced rib eye, sauteed mushrooms and provolone cheese served on toasted french bread and fries.
Chicken Sandwich
Pan seared chicken with thick center cut bacon and provolone cheese and fries. (LTO)
Grilled Cheese
Focaccia bread served with soup of the day in adult and kids' sizes.
To End
Tiramisu, Creme Brulee, and Sorbetto
(Served on a small plate) place square cake on corner of plate, tap cocoa powder over fork to make a shadowed impression.
Creme Brulee
Make sure cup is warmed up on the bottom, put sugar on top and use torch to carmelize the top (dark brown color)--MAKE SURE TO CONSTANTLY ROTATE CUP OR RISK SERIOUS BURNS.
One scoop of sorbetto (In large cup), to share is two scoops (in large cup)
Bread Service
Diagonally cut french bread served with butter and smoked fancy salt on top of butter.
Soups (Heat up)
To heat up soups, allow them to begin to bubble and use whisk to monitor whether steam is coming from the soup. Exception is lobster bisque where you DO NOT WANT IT TO BUBBLE.
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