AP Language and Composition Flashcards

Terms Definitions
"Parallel Lives" "Moralia"
"Asthma" "Noise" Roman writer,orator,philosopher
Yoshida Kenko
Buddhist Monk. Zen paintings. Brief fragment essays.
Michel de Montaigne
First two books of essays came out in 1518. Father of the essay
Sei Shonagon
Japanese court lady who wrote and lived in the 10th century. Wrote pillow books
Francis Bacon
First collection in 1597. Father of the modern essay. Essays mainly short
Thomas Paine
"The Crisis" "common sense" political persuasion.
Benjamin Franklin
Autobiography. "Poor Richards Almanack". Aphorisms. "Stitch in Time" "Haste Makes Waste"
Samuel Johnson
"Rambler" "Idler" "Adventurer" Satirical tone
Joseph Addison and Richard Steele
"Tattler" spectator. Joined together. Came out three times a week
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