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What percent of the cornea is the stroma?
What are the two segments of the eye?
The anterior segment the posterior segment
What are the five layers of the cornea?
The epithelium the Boemanns membrane stroma the Descemet's membrane and the endothelium
The lens accounts for what percent of refraction?
33% or one third
The cornea is responsible for what percent of refraction?
Two thirds
How many layers of a tear and what are they?
Two layers consist of aqueous mucin and lipid
What are the seven landmarks of that Eye?
The Globe, Corneal sclera limbus, canthi, cornea, iris, pupil, sclera
Which region contains no light-sensitive cells and is responsible for the natural blind spot?
Optic Disk
Do rod cells or cones cells detect color and which is most sensitive to light?
Cones = color Rod cells are more sensitive
True or false rod cells can detect light as weak as one billionth of a walk and provide the ability to see in black and white?
Which three parts construct the uveal tract?
The iris ciliary body and choroid
What is the term for the juncture of the corneal epithelium and Scalera?
Corneal scleral limbus
What supplies oxygen and nutrients to the retina and ask as a cooling system for the eye?
The Choroid
List the areas of the conjunctiva?
The bulbar conjunctiva, conjunctival cul-de-sac (fornix), palpebral conjunctiva
Zonules connect the lens to which one of the three tunics?
What are the landmarks of the posterior chamber In the eye?
Between the iris and the vitreous cavity or back of the lens
Where does the anterior chamber angle form?
At the juncture of the iris and cornea
Which chamber are the zonules located in?
Posterior chamber
What substance nourishes the cornea and maintains intraocular pressure?
Aqueous humor
What substance acts as a highly advanced shock absorber?
Vitreous humor
What percentage of aqueous outflow occurs via the uveal scleral pathway?
Schlemm's canal is involved in which aqueous flow dynamic?
Trabecular outflow
What percentage of aqueous outflow travels through the trabecular meshwork?
Where is aqueous humor produced?
The ciliary body
The action of the lens being stretched is called?
The lens is stretched as a result of the contraction of muscles located in the?
Ciliary body
What are the two segments of Eye?
Posterior and anterior segment
What are the three chambers of the eye?
The posterior chamber, the anterior chamber, the vitreous chamber
What are the three parts of the lens?
The capsule, the cortex, the new Nucleus
Where and how is a cataract formed?
A cataract is formed when the oldest lens fibers are forced to the center of the lens and compacted, causing the central lens fibers to become thick, hard, and nontransparent
What is an average intraocular pressure?
Between 16 to 18 mm HG
Describe the flow of aqueous humor?
Starts in the ciliary processes, then posterior chamber, then pupil, then anterior chamber, then the trabecular meshwork, then Schlemm's canal, then the venous system
Name the three tunics of Eye?
The outermost coat which is the fibrous tunic, the middle coat which is the vascular tunic, then the inner coat which is the nervous tunic
What is the most powerful light bending part of The eye which performs two thirds of the refraction necessary to focus light on the retina?
The cornea
This part of Eye has an absence of blood vessels and has a highly ordered arrangement of collagen fibers?
Which layer of the cornea is 1to 2 cell layers thick, it cannot regenerate. Responsible for maintaining partial dehydration and transparency?
The endothelium
Which layer of the cornea heals without scarring, is approximately five Cell layers thick
The epithelium
Can Descemet's membrane scar?
What lies in the vascular tunic?
The iris, the ciliary body, Chroid. Also known as the uveal tract
Which part of the eyes has pigmented tissue behind the cornea biggest color or melanin to the and controls the amount of light entering the eye and The size of the pupillary opening?
The iris
Which two muscles control the enlargement and contraction of the iris?
The dilator and sphincter muscles
What is the technical term for the enlargement of the pupil?
What is the technical term for contraction of the iris?
What Separates the anterior chamber from the posterior chamber?
The iris
What are the three principal functions of the ciliary body?
Secrete a aqueous humor, aid in the drainage of aqueous humor from the eye via the uveoscleral outflow, regulates lens thickness - accommodation
What is at the center of the macula Mattea there is a small depression?
The central fovia
What denotes the exit of retinal nerve fibers from the eye and entrance of blood vessels to the Eye?
The neuronal rim
What is the portion of the Scalera at the base of the optic disc or optic nerve head?
Lamina Cribrosa
Glaucoma causes what to the optic disc?
What six things does precorneal tear film do?
Prevents drying of the cornea, lubricates ocular surface and inside eyelids, nourishes the cornea, protects, buffers, refracts
What are two types of tearing?
Basic/basil tearing or reflex tearing
What is the term for nearsightedness?
What is the term for farsightedness?
What is age related farsightedness?
What is the term when you do not have a lens?
What is the term when you have a fake lens?
What is the procedure when you remove Vitreous humor?
What is used to view inside and outside of The eye?
Right eye
Left eye
Both eyes
What is the letter chart hanging up on the walls in the ophthalmology practices?
The Snellen chart
What is the term for testing eye pressure?
What is the lens that can show the anterior chamber angle of your eye?
What are different types of tonometry?
Noncontact, indentation: Schiotz, applanation
What does pachymetry measure?
The thickness of the cornea
The vitreous cavity is the largest compartment of the and accounts for what percent of its volume?
The anterior chamber boundaries are from where to where?
The back of the cornea to the pupil/iris
What lies within the anterior segment?
The cornea, Iris, Lens, Choroid, and the anterior portion of the Sclera
How thick is the cornea?
It is 555 microns
What is the only layer that regenerates without scarring in the cornea?
The epithelium
Which layer of the cornea is the only layer that doesn't regenerates?
The endothelium
Where is the natural blind spot of the Eye?
Optic disk
In the central fovea does it contain cone cells or rod cells?
Cone cells
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