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Terms Definitions
Article 1
Article 2
Article 3
Article 4
Relations among states
Article 5
Amending the Constitution
Article 6
Supremacy of federal laws and treaties, no religious test, assumption of debts of Confederation
Article 7
Ratification procedure
1st amendment
Freedom of speech, press, assembly, religion, petition
2nd amendment
Right to bear arms
3rd amendment
Quartering of troops
4th amendment
Prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures
5th amendment
Rights of accused; due process; double jeopardy
6th amendment
Rights of those on trial
7th amendment
Common law suits
8th amendment
No excessive bail nor cruel and unusual punishments
9th amendment
Unenumerated rights protected
10th amendment
Powers reserved for states
11th amendment
Limits on suits against states
12th amendment
revision of electoral college procedure
13th amendment
Slavery prohibited
14th amendment
Due process clause applies to states; equal protection
15th amendment
Blacks given the right to vote
16th amendment
authorizes federal income tax
17th amendment
Popular election of senators
18th amendment
prohibited manufacture and sale of liquor
19th amendment
right to vote for woment
20th amendment
federal terms of office and emergency presidential succession
21st amendment
repealed prohibition
22nd amendment
presidential term limits
23rd amendment
right to vote for president in district of columbia
24th amendment
prohibits poll taxes in federal elections
25th amendment
presidential disability and succession
26th amendment
voting age lowered to eighteen
27th amendment
congressional pay raises
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