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Musical Instruments
Terms Definitions
Musical instruments make sound through........
Vibrations (movement) cause ......
Name two senses we use to know that vibrations (sound) exists
Hear and feel. We can both hear and feel vibrations that cause sound.
What is the scientific study of sound called?
How do we make a sound when we talk?
When you start to talk air moves through your throat. This air passes over your vocal chords in your throat. This makes the vocal chords vibrate. As they vibrate, they cause sound.
How do we hear sound?
Sound waves travel past your outer ear and ear lobe into your inner ear. There is an eardrum in your inner ear. The sound waves make your eardrum vibrate. Your brain interprets these vibrations into sound.
Can sound vibrations travel in a vacuum?
No, they need a material, called a medium, to travel through.
How does sound travel through air?
A movement causes an air particle to vibrate. This air particle then bumps into another air particle and moves back to its original position. The second air particle then does the same to a third. In summary, a sound is able to move from where it is made to where it is heard by air particles vibrating and passing on the vibration to from one to another.
What is the vibration of air particles called?
A sound wave.
Can your voice travel through a gas (air), a liquid (water) and a solid (string)?
Yes. Sound can travel through many mediums
Give an example of a sound traveling through a solid
If you knock on a wall and someone on the other side of the wall can hear the knocking
How does sound travel through a solid?
An initial movement causes a vibration in the molecules. The vibration moves through the molecules in a wave formation until it reaches its destination.
Give an example of sound traveling through a liquid
Whales communicate long distances through water.
Can sound occur if there is no medium?
No. Sound cannot occur in a vacuum
Can sound travel from the moon to the earth?
No there is no suitable medium
What is volume?
It is the loudness or softness of sound
What is volume measured in?
What is sound pitch?
It is how high or low the sound is.
What is an echo?
It was when the sound wave bounces back at you.
Yes or no: different kinds of movement cause different sounds
Volume: soft sounds are caused by?
Small vibrations
Volume: loud sounds are caused by?
Big vibrations
Pitch: high sound is caused by?
Fast vibrations
Pitch: low sound is caused by?
Slow vibrations.
How do string instruments increase their volume?
They have a hollow shape that increases the vibrations and therefore the sound.
Explain how a hollow shape attached to a string can make sound louder.
When you pluck at a string attached to a box, both the air particles surrounding the string, as well as the box vibrate. The vibrations of the box make a sound inside the box and vibrations in the hollow area are reflected of the sides causing an echo.
Why does an echo make a sound seem louder?
An echo is caused when a sound bounces off a surface. This bouncing usually happens several times. And so you hear the original sound more than once and so it seems louder.
Give an example of ground pollution
Litter lying on the ground.
Give an example of water pollution
Litter or toxic chemicals in rivers and dams
What is air pollution?
When smoke and chemicals end up in the air. This negatively affects the air we breathe.
What is noise pollution?
Any sound that continues for a long time and is loud, unpleasant and harmful to our ears.
What is air pollution in a city called?
Give 5 examples of noise pollution in a city
Big aeroplanes, jackhammers and other noise from construction sites, car engines, alarms and taxis hooting, people shouting.
Does everyone have the same noise tolerance?
No. Some people are much more sensitive to noise than others.
How is noise pollution harmful to your health?
It can cause permanent damage to your hearing.
Can music played too loud damage your ears?
If someone is born with poor hearing, how can they be helped?
With hearing aids
How would a construction worker protect his eardrums from damage?
Ear muffs
Give an example of an animal that is harmed by noise pollution
A whale. Whale communication is interrupted by sonar and ship noises in the water. This causes them to get lost in the ocean.
Key concepts:
1: many musical instruments use movement input energy to work. 2: Many musical instruments have parts that can move or vibrate. 3: Sound is the main output energy of musical instruments.
Complete: loud sounds can damage your...
True or false: Doctors have found that people who work with loud machinery become hearing impaired when they are still young
Name two sources of loud music that can damage your hearing
1: powerful amplifiers and speaker systems. 2: headphones or earphones.
Key concepts
1: musical instruments make sound through vibrations. 2: vibrations can be heard and felt. 3: sound travels away from the moving part that is vibrating. 4: sound needs a medium to travel through. 5: sounds can be loud or soft (volume). 6: sounds can be high or low (pitch). 7: sound can be unpleasant and harmful. 8: loud sounds can damage hearing.
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