Sped 413 chapter 1 Flashcards

Special Education
Terms Definitions
Diana v state board of education
all testing must be done in English
Guadalupe v Tempe Elementary school
children cannot be placed in mentally retarded classes unless they scored lower than 2 standard deviations below the population mean and more than one test must be given
Mills v board of education of d. c.
7 children - set future guidelines for fape, due process, and the requirement of school districts to pay
Habson v Hanson
D. C,'s school tracking system was invalid
Parc v commonwealth of Pennsylvania
schools may not exclude students who have been classified with mental retardation. also fape
wyatt v stickney
in alabama mentally retarded children in state institutions had a constitutional right to treatment
pase v joseph p hannon
IQ test were not racially biased.
Luke S. and Hans S v Nix et al
all evaluations must be completed in 60 days
board of ed of hendrick hudson school district v rowley
deaf child - parents wanted interpreter but since she was making progress without one it was concluded as being appropriate.
jose v ambach
30 days from time of referral must a student be tested
larry p. v riles
using IQ tests as an assessment measure for placing african american students in special ed is discriminatory
georgia state conference v state of georgia
just because there is more african american students in sped doesn't mean their being treated differently
daniel r. r. v state board of education
increasing mainstreaming - just because they don't learn as quick - give them extra help
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