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Guidelines treatment for hypoglycemia?
if BG is below 60mg/dl eat or drink 10 to 15 g of simple carbohydrates
what are the recommended boosters ?
1/2 cup (4oz) UNSweetened fruit juice 1/2 cup (4oz)REGUlAR not diet soda 5 to 6 life savers candies 1 tsp honey or corn (Kuro) syrup 1 cup (8oz) MILK 2 to 3 glucose tabs
Rest for 15 min?
if BG is still below 60 eat or drink another serving of one of the glucose boosters listed WAIT.....15 min recheck BG if still below 60 notify health care provider
LONG acting insulin ?
onset: 3-4 hrs peak: 14-24 hrs duration: 24-36 hrs
Intermediate acting?
onset: 2-4 hrs Peak: 4-12 hrs duration: 12-24 hrs
Regular (short acting)?
onset: 30 MIN peak: 3-4 hrs duration : 6-8 hrs
LISPRO rapid acting ?
ONset: within 15 min PEAK: 2-3 hrs duration: 3-4 hrs
target levels of BG during pregnancy are lower than nonpregnant values?
acceptable fasting levels ?==60-90 2hr postprandial level LESS than 120
screening and diagnosis for GDM?
positive if greater than our equal to 140mg/dl..... if positive have to do 3 hr 100g OGTT positive for GDM if fasting=105mg/dl 1hr= 190mg/dl 2hr= 165mg/dl 3hr= 145
screening and diagnosis for gestational diabetes?
first take= 1hr 50g oral glucose tolerance test neg if less than 140
Mitral valve prolapse ?
preg usally tolerated well but as with RHD antibiotic prophlaxis may be given before invasive procedure
Mitral and aortic valve stenosis treatment?
reducing activity/sodium restriction/ diuretic therapy/ B-blocking med lowers HR and on bed rest
Rheumatic heart disease ?
recommended prophylaxis to prevent infective endocarditis
medical mang..for peripartum cardiomyopathy?
diuretics/ sodium restriction/ anticoagulants/ digoxin and carful with ACE inhibitors can only be used in postpartum period b/c they are teratogenic
Contranindications to pregnancy in woman with heart disease ?
1.Dilated cardiomyopathy 2. primary pulmonary HTN 3. Eisenmengers syndrome 4.Marfan syndrome
Target blood glucose levels during pregnancy?
fasting = 60-90 premeal lunch/dinner= 60-105 bedtime = 90-120
postmeal blood glucose levels during pregnancy?
postmeal 1hr= 100-120 2hr= 90-120 2am-4am= 60-120
amniotic fluid volume?
an afv of less than 5cm is = oligohydramnios which is decreased fluid
an aft of 5 to 19 cm is ?
measurement of greater than 20 cm?
indicates polyhydramnios increased fluid
Biophysical profile ?
INcludes==fetal breathing movements/FMs/fetal tone/FHR patterns by means of nonstress test NST and AFI
what is a normal and abnormal BBP score?
normal score 8-10 abnormal score less than 6
perfect BBP?
FBM= one or more in 30min-each lasting more than 30 sec FM= at least 3 trunk or limb movements in 30min FT=at least 1 episode opening of hand AFI=greater 5
continue BBP perfect score?
NST= reactive good score 8-10 less than 6 abnormal
preformed to to obtain amniotic fluid which contains fetal cells
procedure for amniocentesis?
use ultrasonography to guide needle. amniotic fluid is withdrawn into a syringe
amniocentesis posssible when?
after 14 wk after 1st trimester
indications for use (amniocentesis)?
genetic concerns/spina bifida/anencephaly/ ALSO THIS TEST is for fetal maturity..ASLO USED IN fetal hemolytic decease also to find out if MECONIUM is present
what is the alpha -fetoprotein test for?
it test for NTD triple marker test to test for down syndrome
Coombs test?
screening test for Rh incompatibility if the maternal titer for Rh antibodies is greater than 1:8 amniocentesis for determination fo bilirubin in amniotic fluid is indicated to determine the severty of fetal hemolytic anemia
non stress test?
basis of test is that= normal fetus produces characteristic HR patterns in response to FM
procedure for NST?
woman seated in semi-fowlers position. FHR is recorded with Doppler tranducer and a tcodynamometer is applied to detect uterine contractions or fetal movements
what happens if evidence of FM is not apparent on the strip?
woman asked to depress a button on a handheld event marker connected to the monitor when she feels FM
Interpretation of NST= reactive?
two or more accelerations of 15 beats/min lasting for 15 sec over a 20 minute period
interpretation or NST= reactive?
if the test does not meet criteria after 40 min it considered nonreactive
contraction stress test CST?
procedure= same as NST BUT may require one of two methods = nipple stimulated contraction test our oxytocin stimulated contraction test
nipple stimulated contraction test?
apply warm moist washcloth to both breast for several min. massage nipples for 10 min/ when adequate contractions occurs stimulation should be stopped
oxytocin-stimulated contraction test?
IV infusion of oxytocin diluted in IV solution 1o units in 1000ml of fluid..use piggyBACK
the interpretation of the CST?
if no late decelerations are observed with the contractions the findings are NEGATIVE
interpretation of CST?
repetitive late decelerations makes test POSITIVE
after test?
oxytocin infusion is discontinued and maintenance IV solution is infused until uterine activity has returned to the prestimulation level
Interpretation of the contraction stress test NEG?
no late deceleration with minimum of 3 uterine contractions within 10-min period
Interpretation of the contraction stress test= POSTIVE?
Late DECELERATIONS occurring with at least half of contractions
checking FMs?
count all fetal movements in 12hr period each day stop at 10...
you should panic if what happens when counting FMs?
ULTRASONOGRAPHY in first trimester?
confirm pregnancy confirm viability determine gestational age detect multiple gestation
ULTRASONOGRAPHY in 2nd trimester?
establish or confirm dates confirm viability detect poly...and oligo.... detect congenital anomalies visualization of amniocentesis
ULTRASONGRAPHY in 3rd trimester?
confirm gestational age confirm viability detect macrosomia detect congenital anomalies determine fetal positions detect placenta previa/abruptio placentea
ultrasonography in 3rd trimester?
Biophysical profile assess amniotic fliuld volume
note cards with ultrasonography 1st-3rd?
notice that you can detect some things with ultrasonography DEPENDS on what TRIMESTER you are in. SO WHEN TAKING TEST READ QUESTION THOROWLY
LAB test needed in prenatal period?
hemo/hemacrat....blood type/Rh and irregular antibody....RUBELLA titer...TB test..urinalysis...BUN.. Papanioclaou test screens for herpes/HPV/cancers.....
the 1hr glocusse test and 3hr glucose tolerance test done when?
28 wks for all pregnant woman
fundal height?
during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters 18-30 the hight of the fundus in centimeters is the same as the number of weeks of gestation
measuring fundal height ?
is the length of abdomen from the top of pubic bone to top of uterus and this should equal week of pregnancy
10 to 15 min rest for 2-3 min and exercise for another 10-15 min
do not go over 35 min/ do not use hot tubes our saunas/after exsersise lye on side for 10min/drink 8Glass of water after.
pelvic rocking?
relieves low backache
abdominal breathing?
aids relaxation and lifts abdominal wall off uterus
smoking while pregnant causes ?
intrutirne growth restriction (IGUR)
discomforts related to pregnancy ?
urgency and frequency of urination: empty bladder regularly before bed perform legal exercises limit fluid intake before bed time wear perineal pad report pain or burning
discomforts related to pregnancy?
N/V= avoid empty or overload dry carbo,,, on awaking alternate dry carbo..1hr with hot herbal tea, hot milk, or clear coffee coffee the next hr intell s/s subside
if they have heart burn do wht?
avoid fatty foods/sip milk for temp relief/drink hot herbal tea/
give warm milk or warm shower
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