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Terms Definitions
Legitimate right to direct others
Given through an authorized position (like nurse manager)
Power: Ability to
Motivate people (no formal right granted)
Kind of power that is based on fear of punishment?
1. Coercive power
Kind of power that is given by official position?
Legitimate power
Kind of power that followers identify with the leader?
Referent power
Kind of power that encourages compliance with (money, desired assignments or acknowledgement)?
Reward power
Kind of power that gives manager right to influence staff (staff has obligation to accept)?
Legitimate power
Kind of power where person is affiliated with other powerful people?
Connection power
Kind of power where a person has info needed by others?
Information power
Kind of power based on knowledge, skills and info?
Expert knowledge
Kind of power where person keeps up with important topics and gains respect and compliance from others?
Expert power
Kind of power where nurse manage is able to influence because she is admired and respected (nurses desire to be like her?
Referent power
Kind of power where pay increases are withheld, undesired assignments, verbal/written warnings, and termination?
Coercive power
Difference between Problem solving and Decision making?
Problem solving focused on solving an immediate problem and includes decision making

Decision making: not always related to a problem, it is continual and required throughout all aspects of management
Skills - Ability to understand complexities of organization and recognize where own area of managent fits into overal organization:
Conceptual skills
Skills that includes clinical expertise and nursing knowledge:
Technical skills
Skills - Ability and judgment to work with people in an effective leadership role:
Human skills
Which skills maintain honesty and integrity (TRUST)?
Human skills
Skills to make a commitment to support mission, vision, goals?
conceptual skills
Skills create a teaching learning environment?
Human skills
Skills develop and role model a commitment to excellence?
Human skills
Skills train staff members make sure they are competent?
Technical skills
Skills that create an open, nonthreatening environment?
Human skills
Skills that make an emotional investment, caring?
Human skills
Skills that accept realities of complex health care systems?
Conceptual skills
Skills that become proactive problem solver?
Human skills
Skills that act as a willing consultant for clinical problems, contribute to sound nursing judgment?
Technical skills
Skills that understand the needs of external and internal customers?
Conceptual skills
Skills that maintain a confident, positive outlook, help the week to learn and grow?
Human skills
Two systems that regulate actions of individuals within our society?
Ethics & Law
What is the Emergency Medical Tx Active Labor Act (EMTALA):
Anti-dumping low that prohibits the refusal of care for uninsured or indigent pts. in ED or Urgent care clinics
What is American Disabilities Act of 1990?
End discrimination against disabilities by removing barriers that prevent them from enjoying same opportunities as others
What is Patient Self-Determination Act of 1990 (Omnibus Budget act):
Pts can express their preferences about medical tx and make decisions about end of life care.
What is the Good Samaritan Law:
Limits nurses liability or shield them from malpractice if nurse helps in emergency outside of hospital
What is HIPPA?
Confidentiality of pts health info
What act prohibits transfer of unstable pts and states pts must be examined and stabilized prior to transfer even if no insurance?
What law states that impaired pts need reasonable accommodations (translators / equipment)?
American with Disabilities Act
What law informs adult pts in writing about their rights (collaborating w/ MD & DNR orders?
Patient Self-Determination Act
Which law asks pt about living will or Durable power of attorney?
Patient Self-Determination Act
What defines the scope and limitations of professional nursing practice?
State Nursing Practice Act
What is stated in nursing practice act? (6)
1. Nurse is accountable for her actions
2. Def: of RN
3. Professional nursing functions
4. Standards of competent performance
5. misconduct or prohibited practices
6. grounds for disciplinary action
7. fines and penalties
9 violations of Nursing Practice Act:
1. Practicing w/o license 2. Failure to use nursing judgment
3. Felony 4. Falsifying records
5. Incomplete or incorrect nursing documentation
6. Failure to practice within nursing standards
7. Bad behavior at work 8. Medicare Fraud
9. Misappropriation of personal items
What is a civil wrong or injury committed by one person against another?
What is unintentional tort?
Negligence / Malpractice that is unintentional
Intentional Tort:
Direct violation of a persons legal rights
List 5 intentional torts:
1. Assault / Battery
2. Defamation of character
3. False imprisonment
4. Invasion of privacy
5. Infliction of emotional distress
What must be reported:
Suspected or confirmed abuse of vulnerable in society (infant, child, elder abuse) and some communicable diseases
- Failure to act in a reasonable / prudent manner
(careful person would use under similar circumstances)
- Type of negligence; failure of professional (educated/trained) to act in a reasonable / prudent manner
Causing a person to fear she will be touched w/out consent
Unauthorized or actual harmful or offensive touching
Injury to reputation by spoken word
Form of defamation of character caused by written work (medical record)
Major criminal offenses
Minor criminal offenses
List 5 Felonies:
1. Drug trafficking
2. Fraud in billing Medicare
3. Theft
4. Rape
5. Murder
List 4 Misdemeanors:
1. Illegal practice of medicine
2. Failing to report abuse
3. Falsification of medical records
4. Assault/battery and physical abuse of pts
Negligence and the Doctrine of Res Ipsa Loquitur
"The thing speaks for itself"
Obvious mistake / doesn't need expert in court
Ex: leaving a surgical instrument in pt. during surgery
Respondent Superior:
"Let the master answer for the actions of subordinates or servants b/c employer has control;

Employer made be held responsible for employee's negligent acts
What are the right to die laws?
Advanced directives
Right to refuse extraordinary tx when no hope of recovery
"End of life Care"
A formal document that provides wishes regarding care in final stage of terminal illness?
Living Will
Living Will contains: 3
1. Person who will make decision when pt is incapacitated
2. Which care is acceptable and which are not to be implemented
3. Authorization of pts physician to withhold life sustaining procedures under specific conditions
What document names person who will make day-to-day and final end of life decisions once he is decisionally incompetent?
Durable power of attorney for Health Care
Agency, function or power of a person authorized to act as a deputy of substitute for another:
Patient Rights Proxy
Standards of Care:
In civil cases, the legal criteria that determines whether negligence or malpractice has occurred
"knowledge and skill an ordinary, reasonably prudent person would exercise in a similar circumstance"
Code that provides implicit standards and values for the nursing profession?
COE Code of Ethics
Nursing ethics is a system of principles concerning?
The actions of a nurse / her relationships w/pts, pts family, health care providers, policy makers and society as a whole.
What is the right to be free from interference w/ one's personal life?
Right to Privacy
Invasion of privacy occurs when?
A person's private affairs (health hx/status) is make public w/out concent
Example of Right to Privacy:
HIPPA (Ex: HIV pt in a small community)
Incident reports: Nurses are legally bound to?
Report critical incidents to managers, administration, and risk manager through "Unusual Occurrence Report" or Incident Report"
How should events in a incident report be described?
What should never be noted in pts medical record?
That an incident report has been completed and filed
Why should a nurse never photocopy the incident report for her personal files?
It violates Pt. confidentiality
Physicians / APN regarding incident report?
They should not write an order for an incident report to be filed
Report every unusual occurrence or incident ...do not assume?
Everyone knows about the problem or event
Informed consent:
MD or APN has duty to disclose info so pt. can make intelligent decisions
Informed consent must disclose the following: 5
1. Nature of therapy or procedure
2. Expected benefits/outcomes
3. Potential risks
4. Alternatives and their risks and benefits
5. Risks of not having the procedure
Informed consent cannot be delegated to?
The RN
When pt is signing AMA Against Medical Advice, RN must promptly notify?
Health care provider &
Immediate Family
AMA when person may suffer immediate harm, nurse must?
Clearly articulate dangers in leaving
When pt. signs AMA, nurse must document?
All actions / communication with pt.
What specific advice can RN give is pt. signs AMA?
- May aggravate current condition/ complicate future care
- May result in permanent physical/mental impairment
- May result in complications leading to death
Use of restraints:
Use least restrictive
Must balance rights of pts to unrestricted control of their bodies and movements against the need to keep vulnerable pts safe from harm
What emergency situation is a defense against negligence?
Nursing care when life-threatening emergency may breach standard of care required under ordinary circumstances
Ex: Women 8 months pregnant with placenta previa vs. OR sterilization
What law shields a health care worker employed by federal or state facility from personal responsibility for damages awarded in malpractice cases?
Governmental immunity laws
Statute of Limitations:
Time limit a person may file a lawsuit (2-3 years from injury or death)
Situations where Statute of Limitaiton does not apply in case of criminal offense?
- injuries from a series of tx over time (SOL does not begin until tx ends
- Discovery rule (malpractice case can't be initiated until pt. discovers something is wrong)
- When loss of mental capacity, SOL begins when mental competence is regained
- SOL only expires when child reaches age of majority (18-21)
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