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Biblical Languages
-develops strong facility in reading and understanding Helenistic Greek and Hebrew, the two main languages of the bible
- Students have the opportunity to study abroad at Jerusalem University and participate in the archeology program
- Attend the Covenanter Theological Institute in Airdrie, Scotland to study the history and theology of the Scottish Reformation.
Biblical Studies
-Prepares you for seminary or grad school
- Often used as a second major
Christian Ministries
- Concentrations in either Missions or Pre-Seminary
- Can also do the 3&3 Program with the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary or Pittsburgh (RPTS)
- 3/3 allows you to save a year of classes and tuition by doing 3 years w/ Geneva and 3 at RPTS graduating with Bachelor's and Masters of Divinity.
Think about the fundamental quesitons of life from a Christian point of view.
- Prep for a career in law, education, journalism, or ministry
Student Ministry
Specialize in Urban ministry, Children's ministry, outdoor/experiential education, or college ministry
- Combine classroom education with church experience
-Hands on experience through internships, Young Life, Coalition for Christian Outreach, or a number of other opportunities
-Cell Molecular
- Environmental -- for students interested in ecology, environmental biology, animal bio or plan bio
- Human Biology -- Focuses on the human physiology and for students in interested in medicine, allied health programs and medical school.
BS in Environmental Science
BS in Secondary education certification in Biology
Cardiovascular technology
like a cardiologist's assistant, diagnose and treat heart and vascular disease
Fully accreditated
100% placement
now a 5 yr combined program with INOVA Fairfax hospital (3 Geneva, 2 at INOVA)
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