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Physical exercise
Terms Definitions
A technique originally used during rehabilitation for surgery patients,
Follows a design similar to a traditional strength training workout
Instead of holding stretches for 15 to 30 seconds at a point of resistance(mild discomfort),
Stretches are never held for more than two seconds
The stretch is then released,the body segment returned to the starting position,
And the stretch is repeated for several repetitions,with each subsequent movement exceeding the resistance point by a few degrees
Increasing the stretch by a few degrees at a time allows
The muscle to adjust more gradually to the stretch
The stretches are typically performed in sets of a specified number of repetitions ,with a goal of
Isolating an individual muscle in each set
proponents of AIS claim that
This technique targets specific muscles and prepares the body for physical activity better than static stretching can,while also protecting the joint attachments that static stretching can sometimes weaken
To better understand AIS ,consider the traditional hamstrings stretch,in which the exerciser lifts the leg onto a bench .this requires work not only from the target muscles,but also from the calf ,gluteal muscles,and back muscles
This creates a passive stretch of the hamstrings,and their natural response is to contract,thereby negating the the benefit of the stretch
In AIS,the quadriceps are contracted and
The hamstrings are stretched in a supine position using a rope or towel as an aid .it is believed that this allows the hamstrings to relax more completely and fully benefit the stretch
It should be noted that some experts believe that
Holding a stretch for only two seconds is not adequate to have an effect on the connective tissue that surrounds and runs through muscles
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