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Terms Definitions
What does fccla stand for
Family, career, and community leaders of America
Who can join fccla
Anyone who is enrolled or has taken a FACS class
What happened in 1917
Smith-Hughes act: started FACS type classes
What happened in 1945
FHA was founded in Chicago
What happened in 1946
Arkansas joined FHA as the 37th state
What happened in 1965
FHA and new homeworkers of America merged
What happened in 1971
FHA and HERO joined
What happened in 1994
FHA changed its name to family and consumer science of America
What happened in 1999
Fccla adopted a new emblem
What are the colors
Red-strength and white-integrity
What is the flower
Red rose
What is the motto
Toward new horizons
What is the publication
Teen times
What is the mission
To promote personal growth and leadership development through family and consumer sciences education. Focusing on the multiple roles of family members, wage earners and community leader, members develop skills for life
What r miny things in a mission
Character development. Creative and critical thinking. Interpersonal communication. Practical knowledge. Vocational preparation
What is one purpose.
To promote great understanding for making decisions and assuming responsibilities
What does "star" events stand for
Students taking action with recognition
Districts in Arkansas
Lake hamilton is in district 6
Families acting for community traffic safety
National headquarter
Ruston, Virginia
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