Chapter 15 Bedside Assessment of the Patient Flashcards

Respiratory distress
Terms Definitions
During a chest examination of an intubated pt, the RT palpates vibrations on exhalation over the upper chest. What action should be taken at this time?
The patient should be suctioned
A pt medical record indicates that he has orthopnea. Which of the following best describes this condition?
difficulty breathing when lying down
A child is brought to the emergency department for sever respiratory distress. Upon entering the room, the RT hears a high pitched sound when the child inhales. This is most likely?
An RT is asked to evaluate a pt for oxygen therapy. She notices that the pt is sleepy but arouses when questioned. This level of consciousness is best described as?
Which of the following breath sounds is most likely to be heard during acute exacerbation of asthma?
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