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What age group has the highest traffic conviction, collision an injury rate?
Drivers age 15-19
High School -19
How likely is the risk of a fatal collision?
2 and 1/2 times that of "Average Driver"
2 and ?
How likely is the risk of an injury collision?
3 times higher than that of " Average Driver"
Three X
If you are between 13-21 years of age and convicted of using alcohol or a controlled substance Court Orders DMV:
Suspend License for 1 year, If no DL delay DL eligibility.
Persons 13-18 years of age and convicted of Habitual Truant Court
Revoke your driving privilege for 1 year.
On a steep road where neither vehicle can pass who has the right-of way? The Vehicle facing downhill or the vehicle facing uphill?
The Vehicle facing downhill has the right-way, Because the vehicle facing downhill has the greater amount of control.
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