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Computer Technology
Terms Definitions
file tab
the tab on ribbon that opens backstage view
backstage view
tools and commands on the file menu
a tool that tells powerpoint to preform a task
dialog box
provides tools and options related to a specifc task
current slide
the slide you are editing
a set of related tools on the ribbon
ibeam pointer
pointer that resembles the letter l
key tip
what appears on the ribbon when you press alt,small letter,numbers
mini toolbar
a small toolbar that appears when you point to selected text
normal view
the default view that foucues on a single slide
note page view
shows one slide at time along with any notes for that slide
quick acess toolbar
displays frequenlty used commands
a box that can hold text or graphics
reading view
like slide show view but takes up window instead of filling screen
the tabbed toolbar at top of window
slide show view
lets you preview presentation as audience would
slide sorter
displays all slides on single screen
contains text
the ways a presentaion can be displayed
chnages magnification
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