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Speed Limit in Alleys
15 MPH
Speed limit in Rail Road tracks
15 MPH, where you can not see the Rail Road tracks for 400 feet in both directions,
When can you drive faster than 15 MPH in Rail Road tracks?
if the Crossing is controlled by Gates.
If you fail to stop for a School Bus?
May be fined up to 1,000 and driving privilege suspended for one year.
Speed Limit for a blind Intersection is:
15 MPH
When is and intersection considered "Blind"?
When there is no Stop Sign at any Corner and yu can not see for 100 feet in either direction
No Passing; Mark the Center of road used for two-way traffic.
Sentence: Solid Yellow lines:
"Do Not Pass" Never Drive to the left, of these lines.
Sentence: Double Solid Yellow lines:
"May Pass"
if Movement can be made safely.
Sentence: Broken Yellow lines:
When can you drive to the left of a two solid yellow lines?
1.) turning left at an intersection, 2.) Turning into or out of a Private driveway 3.) In Carpool lane that has designated entrance on the left. 4.) Instructed by construction or signs, because your side of the road is closed or blocked.
Two Sets of Double Lines spaced 2 feet apart:
Barrier, Do not drive on or over the barrier or make left turn, Or u-turn, Except! at designated openings.
Traffic lanes going in the "Same" direction such as one way streets.
Sentence: Solid White Lines:
Separate traffic lanes on roads with two or more lanes in in the same direction.
Sentence: Broken White Lines
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