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Terms Definitions
1605- Sponsored by the Virginia Co of London and Plymouth Co
1606- Left December 20
1607- Arrived in America
Originally named James Ft.
Struggled with native attacks, disease, internal political rifts
Only 60 of original 500 colonists survived the "starving time" of 1609-10
-Real name Matowaka
-11 when John Smith encountered her tribe
-Married John Rolfe, moved to London, became Lady Rebecca after her baptism
-Sailed on the Mayflower
-Arrived November 1620
-Called themselves "First Comers" or "saints"
Mayflower Contract
-Drafted and signed (by almost all adult men) on the voyage to America
-First written constitution in North America
-May have not actually landed at Plymouth
-December 16, 1620
-Survived with help from Squanto, Samoset, Massosiot
-First named Naumkeag
-Founded 1629
-Accepted first wave of Puritan settlers
Great Puritan Migration
-1629 to 1642
-14k to 20k settlers came to the New World
-Founded by John Winthrop in 1630
-Named after the English Puritan city
-Harvard founded in Boston in 1639
Roger Williams
-Banished from Boston in 1636
-Founded Providence, RI, preached separation of church and state
Pequot War
-1636 to 1637
-English and their native allies vs. the Pequot
-Nearly wiped out the Pequot
Anne Hutchinson
New England Confederation
-Lose union to settle border disputes
-Between Connecticut, New Haven, Plymouth, and Massachusetts Bay Colony
New York
-Dutch founded and named New Amsterdam
-Charles 2 gifted it to the Duke of York
-Renamed New York
-No resistance from the settlers
Manhattan for $24
-Traded Manhattan for two boxes of trade goods (hatchets, shiny beads, cloth, metal pots)
-Equal to 2,400 English cents, or $24
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