in search of language video and the pre-exercise week 2f, quick review Flashcards

Terms Definitions
bbc created
in search of english
most studied language in the world
what is language
a system of communication that relates to sounds
basic elements of languge
set of rules , grammar of the language
sets of rules
basic elements of language
phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, lexicons
linguistic competence
what we know
linguistic performance
how we use it
when you know a language
you know the sound system, meaning of words, you know the syntax, you have certain creativity of linguistic knowledge
how many types of grammar
3, first is descriptive grammar, second is prescriptive grammar, third is teaching grammar(the combination of prescriptive and descriptive, provides a certain type of gloss)
teaching grammar
user friendly for second language learners
language universal
the more linguists investigate languages, the more they discover that these differences are limited
kilwardby, Alsted
they wanted to discover the rules in general
john fell
the father of syntax, he held that human species are prewired to acquire language. humans mind is set up like a blank cassette tape
language acquisition device
universal grammar, little children at the age of 6 months start to babble
generative grammar
a theory of competence
vowels and consonants
26 letters in english, how many are considered consonant (21) 5 vowels
8 categories
adverb, pronoun, adjective, verb, article, noun, preposition
european language
considered a dead language
what students mean
many people think that grammar is______________when they talk about their classes in "English Grammar" as referring solely to the syntactic rules. (true)
context of grammar
The ____________________in this course is the same from its common meaning. (false)
most linguists are on the side of the______________. (true)
unable to hear
Because deaf children are _____________________speech, they do not acquire spoken languages as hearing children do. However, deaf children who are exposed to sign language learn it in stages parallel to those of hearing children learning spoken language. (true)
____________are not a necessary aspect of language. (true)
when animals vocally__________human utterances, it means that they possess a language; false
talking birds
__________________can dissect the sounds of their imitations into discrete units. (false)
"signaling communication system"
most animals possess some kind of ________________________. true)
The__________________hypothesis claimed that there is a close relationship between the language that we speak in that it determines or influences our thoughts and perceptions of the world. (true)
5,000 languages
on this earth
branches of tree
represent different language families
originally believed to be the mother tongue
radio sunrise
serves london community of mixed races
language of ancient india, around 500 ad
comparative method
sytematic similarities, sound, syntax
day to day change
ultimately leads to different languages
language isolate
a language orphaned, with no known relatives
super family of languages
ancestral word for water (nostradic)
an introduction to the languages of the world
a good book to buy. anatole v. lyovin
requirement for paper due on thursday
course syllabus page number 9, pretest due on sept. 5th. the way we do is test ourselves. follow instructions on page 1 of the test. try not to cheat. go back to table of contents and compare our score with correct. turn answer in to percentage 50 out of 75. record missed items, group into categories vowels or syllabication. and then right a narrative paper about the part I missed. identify the concept I missed. areas of strength
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