Vocabulary 2 Flashcards

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Terms Definitions
Fragile - Adj
Easily broken; delicate.
Vast - Adj
Very large in size or amount.
Swagger - V
To make a proud entrance.
Vivid - Adj
Very bright; lively; full of life or color.
Soothe - V
To calm or bring comfort to.
Glutton - N
An individual who eats a vast amount of food.
Irate - Adj
Very angry; furious.
Prompt - Adj
To be on time.
Dictator - N
An individual who rules in absolute power in a negative way.
Intoxicated - Adj
Drunk, OR, excited with enthusiasm.
Palatal - Adj
Suitable for a palace or mansion.
Omen - N
A sign; a warning that something will come.
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