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Federal Nationalization Law
Terms Definitions
Federal Nationalization Law of 1790
stated that only white persons were eligible for citizenship.
Hamilton's Reports
Three messages that were meant to stabilize the American economy and direct it toward self­sufficiency during the nation’s early years.
Jay's Treaty
Britain left the Northwest forts. Avoided a conflict with Britain in the 1790's.
Pinckney's Treaty
opened Mississippi to trade and got the border with Spanish Florida set at the 31st parallel.
Whiskey Rebellion
Pennsylvania farmers hurt by a tax that affected the use of their corn crop led to this event.
XYZ Affair
French officials who tried to bribe American ambassadors ­led to a major decline in French / American relations.
Election of 1800
“We are all Federalists, we are all Republicans”. Significant because it showed that the U.S. could peacefully look on as Presidential power moved from one party to the other.
Alien and Sedition Acts
aimed at quieting the Republican opposition and hurting them in the upcoming election. An early example of a wholesale violation of the 1st amendment.
Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
According to these, states had the right to pronounce unconstitutional law nullified.
Maybury VS Madison
occurred because of Adams appointment of Midnight Judges who Jefferson refused to allow to take their posts.
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