ADP 5-0: The Operations Process Flashcards

Terms Definitions
1. What is the Army's framework for exercising mission command?
The operations process
2. What are the major mission command activities performed during operations?
a. Planning
b. Preparing
c. Executing
d. Continuously assessing the operation
3. How do commanders drive the operations process?
Commanders drive the operations process through understanding, visualizing, describing, directing leading, and assessing operations.
4. What is a composite of the conditions, circumstances, and influences that affect the employment of capabilities and bear on the decisions of the commander?
An operational environment.
5. What is MDMP?
The military decision making process is a planning methodology used to understand a situation, develop a plan of action, and produce an operation order.
6. What are the MDMP steps?
a. Step 1-Receipt of mission
b. Step 2-Mission analysis
c. Step 3-Develop course of action
d. Step 4-Analyze course of action
e. Step 5-Compare course of action
f. Step 6-Approve course of action
g. Step 7-Produce orders, disseminate, and transition
7. What are troop leading procedures?
Troop leading procedures are a dynamic process used by small unit leaders to analyze a mission, develop a plan, and prepare for an operation. TLP are used by leaders without a staff.
8. What are the TLP steps?
a. Receive mission
b. Issue warning order
c. Make a plan
d. Start movement
e. Conduct reconnaissance
f. Complete plan
g. Issue order
h. Supervise and refine the plan
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