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Terms Definitions
A human-made object, such as a tool, weapon, or piece of jewlery
A people's unique way of life, as shown by its tools, customs, arts, and ideas
What did paleontologists study?
They study fossils- evidence of early life preserved in rocks
What did paleontologists use?
They used techniques to date ancient fossil reamins and rocks.
What does culture include?
Culture includes common practices of a society, its shared understandings, and its social organization. By overcoming individual differences, culture helps to unify the group.
How is culture learned?
First, they observe and imitate the behavior of people in their society. Second, people in their society directly teach the culture to them, usually through spoken or written lanuage.
In 1970 what did Mary Leaky led?
A scientific expedition to the region of Laetoli in Tanzania in East Africa
A member of a biological group including human geings and related species that walk upright
What was the remarkable find the Johanson's team made?
They found an unusual complete skeleton of an adult female hominid.
What was the nickname the Johanson's team gave the adult hominid?
They nicknamed her Lucy after the song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."
How long ago was Lucy alive?
She had lived around 3.5 million years ago- the oldest hominid found to that date.
What are the most impressive achievements in human history?
The invention of tools, mastery over fire, and the development of language.
Paleolithic Age
A prehistoric period that lasted from about 2,500,000 to 8000 B.C., during which people made use of crude stone tools and weapons- also called the Old Stone Age.
Neolithic Age
A prehistoric period that began about 8000 B.C. and in some areas ened as early as 3000 B.C., during which people learned to polish stone tools, make pottery, grow crops, and raise animals- also called the New Stone Age.
People who lived during this second phase of the Stone Age learned to?
Polish stone tools, make pottery, grow crops, and raise animals.
The Leakeys named the fossil Homo habilis, which means?
"Man of skill"
What did they think the Homo habilis used these tools for?
To cut meat and crack open bones.
Where did new hominids appear?
In East Africa around 2.5 million years ago.
In 1960, archaeologists Louis and Mary Leakey discovered what?
They discovered a hominid fossil at Oldavai Gorge in northern Tanzania
What happened about 1.6 million years ago?
Before Homo habilis left the scene, another species of hominids appeared East Africa. They are known as Homo erectus, or "upright man"
The ways in which people apply knowledge, tools, and inventions to meet their needs.
Which hominids became the first to migrate, or move, from Africa?
Homo erectus
Where did home erectus hunters settle?
They settled in India, China, Southeast Asia, and Europe
What might have homo erectus developed?
They might have developed the beginnings of spoken language
What did home erectus name?
Home erectus might have named objects, places, animals, and plants and exchanged ideas
Homo sapiens
The biological species to which modern human beings belong
Who were not ancestors of modern humans?
What does the Neanderthals mean to many people?
Calls up the comic-strip image of a club-carrying caveman.
About 60,000 years ago, who held a funeral for man and where?
Neanderthals held a funeral for a man in Shanider Cave, located in northeastern Iraq
What could the Neanderthals survive from?
They survived harsh Ice Age winters by living in caves or temporary shelters made of wood and animal skins.
What happened to the Neanderthals after surviving for 170,00 years?
They mysteriously vanished about 30,000 years ago
About 40,000 years ago, a group of prehistoric humans appeared
What shows that Cro-Magons are identical to modern humans?
Their skeletal remain show that they identical to modern humans
Where did Cro-Magons migrate from?
Cro-Magons migrated from North Africa to Europe and Asia
What allowed the Cro-Magons the survive more easily?
Cro-Magons' superior hunting strategies allowed them to survive more easily
In early humans what became more sophisticated as time passed?
Their skills and tools for surviving and adapting to the environment
What time in the past does "prehistoric" refer to?
Before the invention of writing
What important characteristic did "Lucy," the earliest hominid yet found, have?
Opposable thumbs
What did Mary Leaky's discovery of footprints indicate about hominids?
They walked upright earlier than had been believed
What early species of hominids was the first to migrate, to use tools, to use fire, and perhaps to develop the beginnings of spoken language?
Homo erectus
What did the discoveries in the Shanidar can reveal about that Neanderthals?
They had developed deep religious beliefs
A member of a group that has no permanent home, wandering from place to place in serach of food and water.
A member of a nomadic group whose food supply depends on hunting animals and collecting plant foods
What type of people were nomads?
They were highly mobile poeple who moved from place to place foraging, or searching, for new sources of food
How did modern humand met their survival needs?
The tools of early modern humas explains how they met their survivial needs
Where are the best-known paintings on the walls and ceilings?
The Stone Age poeples on all contines created cave paintings. On the walls and ceilings of European caves, mainly in France and Spain.
How did cave artists make colored paint?
They made colored paint from charcoal, mud, and animal blood
Neolithic Revolution
The major change in hiam life cause by the beginning of farming- that is, by poeple's shift from food gathering to food producing.
What is one of the great breakthroughs in history?
The shift from food-gathering to food-producing culture
Slash-and-burn farming
A farming method in which people clead fileds by cutting and burning trees and grasses, the ashes of which serve to ferilize the soil.
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