AP US History -- Chapter 5 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
virtual representation
Each member of Parliament represented the entire empire. The interests of all under the crown were supposedly taken into account.
writs of assistance
Search warrants that allowed customs officials to search anywhere they chose for smuggled goods.
Sugar Act
Established new machinery to end widespread smuggling by colonial merchants. Tried in military courts.
Committees of Correspondence
Groups who communicated with other colonies to encourage resistance to British Acts
Sons of Liberty
Led colonists in protest processions and boycotting British imports
Protested the under-representation of western settlements in the colony's assembly
Daughters of Liberty
Women who spun and wove at home so as not to purchase British goods
Boston Massacre
Group of soldiers protecting a building were assaulted and harrassed by Bostonians (they threw snowballs), soldiers panicked and fired their weapons, killing 5 Bostonians
Boston Tea Party
Group of colonists led by Sam Adams dressed up as Indians and boarded ships docked in the Boston Harbor carrying tea from the East India Company and tossed tons of tea overboard
Quebec Act
Extended the southern boudary of Quebec to the Ohio River and granted legal toleration to the Roman Catholic Church in Canada.
Suffolk Resolves
Urged Americans to refuse obedience to the new laws, withhold taxes, and prepare for war.
Committees of Safety
Appointed by Congress to oversee its mandates and to take action against enemies of American liberty
Lord Dunmore
British governor and military commander in Virginia. Offered freedom to any slave who escaped and bore arms for the king.
Common Sense
Written by Thomas Paine. Criticized English Constitution. Asylum for Mankind. Membership in British empire was a burden to the colonies, not a benefit.
Declaration of Independence
On July 2, 1776, Congress declared U.S. an independent nation. Unalienable rights, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. Consent of the governed. If government infringes upon natural rights of the people, they have the right to dissolve that government.
Valley Forge
Washington's army was quartered here during the winter of 1777-1778. Suffered from frigid weather.
Treaty of Paris
Great diplomatic victory for U.S. Gained American independence, control of entire region between Canada and Florida east of Mississippi River, and the right to fish in Atlantic waters off of Canada.
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