1-2 How Scientist Work Flashcards

Terms Definitions
2300 years ago, observed the natural world, asked questions with REASONING. He said the "vital" forced brought maggots from non living things.
Experiment: covered and uncovered jars with meat. Controlled: jars, meat, location, temp. Manipulated: gauze cover. Responding: whether maggots appear or not.
What was Redi's conclusion?
Spontaneous generation of maggots did not occur.
What is spontaneous generation?
Life could arise from non- living matter
Took flasks, boiled gravy( to take out microorganisms). Supported Redi's conclusion.
Same as spallazani, but with curved flask!
What was Pasteur's impact?
When are experiments not possible?
1. In humane or against laws 2. Impossible 3. Bad/ incorrect hypothesis
What is a Theory?
Numerous investigations with same results, well tested and unified. Although not set in stone.
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