Biology 201 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Descent with modification; the idea that living species are descendants of ancestral species that were different from the present-day ones; also defined more narrowly as the change in the genetic composition of a population from generation to generation
The scientific study of life
Emergent properties
New properties that arise with each step upward in the hierarchy of life, owing to the arrangement and interactions of parts as complexity increases
Systems biology
An approach that attempts to model the dynamic behavior of whole biological systems based on a study of the interactions among the system's parts.
Levels of Biological Organization
1. Molecules. 2. Organelles. 3. Cells. 4. Tissues. 5. Organs and organ systems. 6. Organisms. 7. Populations. 8. Communities. 9. Ecosystems. 10. The Biospehere.
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