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Terms Definitions
money brought by a bride to her husband at marriage
worldly rather than spiritual
acceptance to Heaven
justification by faith
doctrine that held that a person can be deemed good because of faith alone
doctrine that held that God determines everything that happens in the past, present and future
interest in and study of classical writing, art, and society
movement that resulted in the creation of Protestant churches
soldier serving for pay
certificates issued by the Catholic Church that could reduce or even eliminate someone's punishment for sin
painting on fresh, moist plaster with pigments dissolved in water
False. *Humanism
A key intellectual movement of the Renaissance was secularism. True of false?
Humanists used the works of Cicero as a model for prose and those of Virgil for poetry. True or false?
False. *Story of journey to salvation
Dante's masterpiece, The Divine Comedy, is the story of two clowns in a medieval circus. T or F?
The Canterbury Tales is a collection of stories told by a group of 29 pilgrims headed for the tomb of Saint Thomas a Becket. T or F?
False. *called liberal so students could obtain wisdom and value
During the Renaissance, studies were called "liberal" because of their non-conservative approach. T or F?
False. *Humans
In Renaissance art, God was the focus of attention. T or F?
False. *realistically
By the end of the 15th century, Italian painters, sculptors, and architects had mastered the new techniques for symbolically portraying the world around them. T or F?
The High Renaissance in Italy is associated with three artistic giants - Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and Michelangelo. T or F?
The Flemish painter Jan van Eyck was among the first to use oil paint. T or F?
False. *studied them
By 1500, artists from Northern Europe had rejected Italian techniques. T or F?
key intellectual movement of the Renaissance
form of Latin used by the ancient Romans
The Divine Comedy
Dante's masterpiece
a painting done on fresh, wet plaster
painter of the Sistine Chapel ceiling
detailed books of illistrations
The Renaissance artists of Northern Europe painted what?
All of the following are associated with painting during the High Renaissance except: Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Machiavelli, Raphael
Paintings and sculptures of the Renaissance were more what?
practical tool skills
Humanist educators of the Renaissance stressed all of the following except: liberal arts, physical education, rhetoric, practical tool skills
religion and morals
Renaissance women were educated in what?
Protestant and Catholic
The Protestant Reformation divided the western Church into what groups?
Christian Humanists believed that through what, that they could improve themselves?
Erasmus, reform
Who sought what within the Catholic Church without breaking away?
Italian politics, spiritual matters
Popes were too often concerned with what rather than what?
Church officials often used their office to advance and grow what?
Martin Luther gained an answer to the what of salvation?
good works, salvation
Catholic teachings stressed both faith and what to obtain what?
Luther came to believe that the Bible taught what by faith alone?
ninety-five, indulgences
Luther sent a list of what Theses to his church superiors, attacking the sale of what?
By 1520, Luther called on German princes to leave the papacy and establish a what church in Germany?
excommunicated him
The pope did what to Luther in January 1521?
Luther's religious movements mow became a what?
German rulers took control of Catholic churches and formed what churches?
sided with them
What did Luther do with the German rulers during a peasant revolt?
Holy Roman Empire
Political turmoil and problems in the what helped Lutheranism survive?
Lutheran princes were well what by the time Charles V brought military forces to Germany?
the belief that God determined in advance who would be saved
the reprobate
the damned
declare a marriage invalid
believers in adult baptism
The Council of Trent
meetings that reaffirmed Catholic teachings
conquer French lands
King Henry VIII did all of the following except: conquer French lands, dissolve Catholic monasteries, have Thomas More beheaded, have his marriage to Catherine annulled
the church and state should be seperate
The Anabaptists believed what?
the "eternal decree" of an all-powerful God
John Calvin believed in what?
were determined to spread their faith to others
Because Calvinists believed they were doing God's work, they what?
maintain close ties with German princes
Calvin's Consistory did all of the following except: punish people who misbehaved, oversee Genevans' moral life and doctrinal purity, maintain close ties with German princes, operate as a court
With the Peace of Augsburg, many feared the ideal of Christian what was forever lost?
Ulrich Zwingli
Who was a reformer priest in Switzerland that sought an alliance with Martin Luther and the German reformers?
Protestantism, country - Catholic France
When John Calvin converted to what, he was forced to flee his native what, named what?
Calvin placed much emphasis on the what mature of God?
In 1534, Henry VIII asked who to finalize the break of the Catholic Church in England with the pope in Rome?
Edward VI
During the reign of who, church officials moved the Church of England, or Anglican Church, in a Protestant direction?
Who was a radical group that strongly disliked giving power to the state to control the affairs of the church?
equal, eligible
Anabaptists considered all believers to be what, chose their own ministers, and ant member of the community was what to be a minister?
Protestantism eliminated the idea that special holiness was associated with what?
husband, children
Calvin and Luther believed women were to obey who and bear what?
The Jesuits, reform of the papacy, Council of Trent
3 chief pillars that supported the Catholic Reformation of the 16th century:
doctrine, leadership
After the Council of Trent, the Roman Catholic Church possessed a clear body of what and was unified under the supreme what of the pope?
The Prince
political work by Machiavelli
sum of money given to the groom by the wife's family
end of poverty
The Renaissance was all of the following except: an urban society, an age of recovery from the plagues, end of poverty, a higher regard for the value of the individual human
The city-state that was led by a group of wealthy merchant-aristocrats
human nature was self-centered
Machiavelli encouraged rulers and would-be rulers to believe what?
farm the land
According to Castiglione's book, "The Book of the Courtier", a noble should do all of the following except: fullfill certain ideals, perform military exercises, gain a classical education, farm the land
The third estate was made up of all of the following except: artisan, nobles, peasants, merchants
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