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List the four principles of four-handed dentistry
Operate in a seated position

Employ skills of trained auxillaries - knowledge of procedures and materials

Organize every component of practice

Simplify all tasks
Three benefits of four handed dentistry
Make team's work easier by minimizing stress and fatigue

Increasing productivity while maintaining high quality of care

Increase patient comfort
difference between four handed and six handed dentistry
four handed - Dentist and DA

Six handed - Dentist and 2 DA's
Explain the concept of zones of activity
clock concept

offers the best way to identify the working position of equipment team
Describe the amount of motion in the 5 classifications of motion
Class 1 - fingers

Class 2 - fingers and wrist

Class 3 - fingers, wrist, and elbow

Class 4 -whole arm and shoulder

Class 5 - whole upper body
4 objectives of achieving a proper working position
access to operative field

good visibility

relative comfort and safety for patient

comfort for operating team
list and describe the 3 types of dental delivery systems
Front - tray is above the patients chest

Side - tray is on either side of the patient's body

Rear - tray is behind the patients head
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