Chapter 2 "biology" Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Anything that takes space
Who invented the periodic table?
Dmitry mendeleyev
How many elements are essential to life?
4 most abundant element on earth?
Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen
Essential bulk elements? Other than the most abundant ones
Phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium.
Ion means what
Is an atom or group of atoms that has gained or lost an electron. Therefor making it a negative or positive charge.
Isotope definition
When a atom has an increased number of neutrons then the normal amount!
Atomic mass
If you average mass of all isotopes
When does a radioactive occur in an atom
Many of the known isotopes are unstable and radioactive, which means they emit energy as rays or particles when they break down into more stable forms
A fundamental type of substance
Lasting of radioactivity
Fraction of a second to millions of years
Covalent bond
A covalent bond forms when two atoms share electrons.
Electro negativity
Is a measure of an Atoms ability to attract electrons
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