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Where do umbilical arteries develop? What do they connect?
They develop in the connecting stalk and connect capillaries in chorionic villi with the dorsal aortae
What 3 unpaired arteries of the digestive system do the vitelline give rise to?
1. Celiac
2. Superior mesenteric
3. Inferior mesenteric
What arteries do intersegmental arteries eventually become?
1. intercostal
2. lumbar
What does aortic sac become?
1. brachiocephalic artery
2. right side of (proximal) aortic arch
What does 3rd arch become?
1. common carotids
2. proximal internal carotids
How do external carotids form?
They sprout from internal carotids
What does 4th arch become?
1. part of aortic arch (LEFT arch)
2. proximal subclavian (RIGHT arch)
What does 6th arch become?
1. right pulmonary artery (RIGHT)
2. left pulmonary artery, ductus arteriosus (LEFT)
What do 7th intersegmental arteries become?
SUBCLAVIAN (rest of right, all of left)
What does dorsal aortae become?
Regresses to form part of subclavian, descending aorta, and REST of internal carotid
3 unpaired veins of embryo. What does each carry?
1. vitelline--low O2 blood from yolk sac
2. umbilical--high O2 blood from placenta
3. common cardinal--low O2 from embryo body
What do anastomoses of vitelline veins become?
Which umbilical vein becomes definitive? What does it do?
Left UV, carries all blood from placenta
What two things anastomose to make the ductus venosus?
Umbilical vein + proximal right vitelline vein (shunts blood around liver)
What 3 veins arise from supracardinal veins? Which supracardinal veins give rise to which?
1. azygous (from right supracardinal)
2. hemizygous (from caudal left supracardinal)
3. accessory hemizygous (from cranial left supracardinal)
What vein arises from the anterior cardinal veins? What does it do?
Brachiocephalic vein, shunts venous return blood from left-->right side
What veins make up the superior vena cava?
1. right anterior cardinal vein
2. right common cardinal vein
What veins to subcardinal veins give rise to?
1. renal segment of IVC
2. left renal vein
3. left/right gonadal veins
What veins to sacrocardinal veins give rise to?
1. right common iliac (from right sacrocardinal)
2. left common iliac (from sacrocardinal anastomose ("H"))
How does the hepatic segment of the IVC form?
Right subcardinal vein anatomoses with vitelline system
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