Controlling the Greenhouse Climate Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Analog Controls
use proportioning thermostats to run amplifiers and electronic circuitry
Computer Controls
use microprocessors to make complex judgments based on information
from a number of sensors
Computerized Enviromental Management Systems
are accurate and can control
all the automated systems together
Energy Curtains
are automated systems using
fabrics that can insulate a greenhouse at night and
shade the crops during the day
Enviromental Controls
are devices used to turn
greenhouse systems on and off, including heating and
cooling systems
Fan- and- Pad Coolng System
is based on evaporation of water
Fog System
involves an atomizer that
produces water vapor
Hot-Water Heating System
involves heating water in a boiler
and pumping the hot water
through pipes located in the
Infrared Heating System
produces heat energy that is
absorbed by the plants, media, benches, and floor
Polethylene Tubes
attached to the units
help distribute the airflow evenly
Short- Day Curtains
are similar to energy curtains
Steam Heating System
involves a boiler that brings water
to a boil and pipes through which
steam flows in the greenhouse
are low-cost, easy-to-install, environmental controls
Unit Heaters
heat air within the
units, then blow the air throughout
the greenhouse
consist of
panels that open and allow air
exchange with the outside
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