Using Automated Systems in the Flashcards

Fire sprinkler
Terms Definitions
automated pot fillers
are used to fill pots
automated seeders
permit the sowing of entire
flats or plug trays in a few moments
automated transplanters
small plants from plug trays and transplant them directly to pots
capillary mats
consist of
porous mats placed on a bench
and wetted
conveyor belt systems
are used to move plants from one area of the greenhouse to another
drip irrigation
consists of a
system like spaghetti tubing, but it
differs in that it provides a slow,
steady drip
ebb-and-flood system
involves watertight benches in
which pots are set
intermittent mist system
produces tiny droplets in the air for keeping plant material
irrigation boom
across the entire bench, and
well-placed nozzles flood the pots
below as they pass over the plants
overhead sprinklers
of stationary sprinkler heads
placed throughout the growing
spaghetti tubing
is an automated
system that involves small
tubes connected to a main line
tray mechanization
Individual trays or palletized benches that hold 100 pots or more roll on a series of rails
from one area to another
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