vocab unit 1 oviatt Jordan Cain Flashcards

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abase (verb) a, base. disgrace
literally to lower or depress. to throw or cast down.
a(from away) bas(low)
amplify (verb) ample, fy. expand.
to enlarge, augment, to increase or extend.
ample(large) fy(make do)
au contraire (expression) contra.
a french expression meaning "on the contrary" or "the opposite"
celerity (noun) celer, ity.
to rapidity of motion; swiftness; speed.
celer(swift) ity(state condition)
conjecture (noun) con, ject, ure. theory.
a guess, an inference; a prediction from incomplete or uncertain evidence. con(together) ject(throw) ure(act process)
debonair (adjective) de, bon, air. gracious.
courteous, gracious, and having a sophisticated charm: de(down) ben(good) air(disposition)
disconsolate (adjective) dis, con, solate. hopeless.
without comfort, causing or suggesting discomfort or dejection.
dis(apart away) con(together) solate(comfort)
enamor (verb) en, amor. enchant.
to fill with love or desire.
en(inside) amor(love)
expurgate (verb) ex, purg, ate. censor.
to remove anything considered obsene or objectionable.
ex(out) purg(cleanse, purify) ate(make cause)
impasse (noun) im, pass. deadlock.
a blind alley; a road or passage having no exit.
im(not) pass(to pass)
ineffable (adjective) in,eff,able. inexpressible.
beyond expression; too overwhelmed to be expressed.
in(not) eff(out) able(able)
intractable (adjective) in, tract, able. unmanagable.
difficult to manage; unrully or stubborn.
in(not) tract(pull) able(able)
malodorous (adjective)
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