IL constitution Vocabulary Flashcards

Supreme Court of the United States
Terms Definitions
sq miles
Lt. Governor
Executive Branch
how many representatives?
IL State Bird
White tailed deer
State animal
idea for a law
Which house impeaches?
House of Representatives
what are they
kaskaskia, vandalia, springfield
Which constitution works until now?
Make laws
Main function of legislative branch
How often districts are redrawn
10 years
what is the biggest state spending?
Governor job
give the budget in LA
Governor returns a bill with suggestions and recommendations for change
amendatory veto
The Illinois Constitution we are now using was adopted in
money paid as insurance of trial appearance
how many counties are there in IL.
Supreme Court
What is the highest court in IL?
What tax was abolished in 1979?
personal property tax
How often is legislative redistricting done?
every 10 years
Who is in charge of putting the state's money in banks?
home rule
villages with a population of 25,000 or more, can make certain decisions without permission from Springfield
What is the middle court in IL?
Appellate Court
Secretary of State job
in charge of license plates
The Supreme Court
What is the highest court in IL?
What official is responsible for the driver's licenses and license plates?
Secretary of State
What must all officials take before starting in office?
oath of office
Item Veto
Governor can veto one or more things in an appropriations bill and remaining part becomes law
If the above question is not submitted in 20 years then it must be automatically submitted by?
Secretary of State
remedy and justice
the right to correct a wrong in court
Requirements to be a judge
U.S. citizen, an attorney licensed to practice in IL, resident of district or circuit court
Sheila Simon- Lt. Governor
Lisa Madigan- Attorney General
Jesse White- Secretary of State
Name 3 of the Governor's staff and their position:
What are the qualifications for general assembly?
21, citizen, resident of district 2 years
What are the qualifications to be in legislative branch?
U.S. citizen, 21 years old, live in IL 2 years
state flower
# of representatives
state snack
potato chips
President of IL Senate
the right to vote
Number of constitutions IL has
Number of state in addmission?
current sec. of state
jesse white
Date IL became a state
The percentage of the membership necessary to carry on business in a legislative body is called a?
ex post facto
law created after action
bring an elected offical to trial
Robert Berlin
Name the DuPage county's state's Attorney?
Municipalities, counties, special districts, and townships are all classified as?
units of local government
Article III
sets up voting qualifications and election laws
chicago city council has how many aldermen?
Which constitution gave more power to the people?
villages with a population of 25,000 or more, can make certain decisions without permission from Springfield
home rule
What official takes over if the Governor and Lt. Governor are unable to carry out their duties?
Attorney General
What vote is needed to override the veto of a bill by the Governor?
action against a person based on race or gender
What is the lowest court in IL?
Circuit Court
Michael Madigan
Name of the Speaker of the (IL) House
Article 1
Where in IL constitution is the Bill of Rights?
What is real property?
land and the buildings on it
In what article is the Bill of Rights found?
eminent domain
private property may not be taken for public use without compensation
voting qualifications
18, live in election district 30 days, register 28 days before election
Who elects the Chief Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court?
Supreme Court judges
Illinois was discovered by who and when?
Marquette & Joliet 1673
qualifications for governor
25 years, u.s. citizen, live in state 3 years
What is the term of a judge of the Illinois Appellate Court?
10 years
Archives Building in Springfield
Where is the original copy of the IL constitution stored?
What is the job of the lt. governor?
does what the governor says
Name three ways in which the judicial retention ballot is different from other ballots.
party not stated, no other candidate, needs a 3/5 vote
/ 70

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